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Are you worried that you're possibly dating a married man? is here for the best relationship advice, relationship advice. You’ve landed on the right article! A nightmare to some, a fantasy to others. The only happy ending to dating a married man is one that ends in divorce, and that still doesn’t seem so happy. If there are children involved it can be even worse. There are many signs that you are dating a married man that are quite easy to pick up on from the beginning, you just have to be open that there is a possibility. Dating a married man can be troubling not only for you, but the family on the other end. It can cause a lot of emotional destress on both sides, and can bring a lot of bad energy to your relationship. If he is constantly worried and nervous that his wife is going to find out, it will bleed into your life and you will not have a fun and carefree relationship that everyone deserves. A lot of the time there are older men who trick younger women into being in relationships with them even though they are already married. If you are dating an older man, you should definitely look into their life and make sure that there is nothing going on that you do not know about. If you see any of these signs that he is still married, bolt while you still can! - Unless you’re into that stuff. If you are into it, here are some tips on how to survive being the "other woman.


You’ve Never Been To His House

When dating, there is always a great possibility that you will end up going to their home at some point or another. When you are dating a married man, you will never go to his house. There will always be an excuse why he doesn’t want to take you there, when the truth is that his wife and possibly kids are living there. If your boyfriend is constantly taking you to hotels and staying at your place and things just aren’t adding up, these can be signs that you are dating a married man. Going to someone’s house is definitely a must when you are dating, but if you have never been you should consider it a clear sign that he is either embarrassed of where he lives or he has a wife/family that he does not want you to know about. It is hard for him to hide his life throughout his house especially when there are kids involved. You would see photos, toys, shoes, and jewelry of his wife’s. This can be a huge red flag if you are already onto him. Continue reading to find out what other signs will tell you that you are dating a married man.

Date Locations

When going on dates with your man, make sure to keep track and take notice of where he takes you out. If you are constantly traveling thirty minutes to an hour outside of your area, there is a good chance that he doesn’t want to be seen with you by a) anyone he knows or b) his wife. He will often take you to places where he knows that his wife or wife’s friends will not be. If you find yourself wondering where you are and why he would take you to this place, you may want to re-evaluate your relationship and whether or not he is married. If you constantly ask him to go to certain places in the area but he never wants to, and suggests a place in a more remote area, this can be a huge sign that you are dating a married man.


When you go out on dates or to hotels, take notice in what your boyfriend is paying with. If it is not interac or a credit card, this can be a sign that he is not being truthful to you about his current relationship status. If your date is constantly and only using cash to pay, this can be a sign that they are married. A lot of married men only use cash to pay so that there are no records of hotel and dinner payments on their credit card bills, but we have already learned that from Whitney Houston.

Strange Schedules

If you are suspicious that the man you are dating is possibly married to another woman, a strange schedule is a way of putting the pieces together. Do you only hang out during the day or evening? These can be signs that you are dating a married man. You have to think about different scenarios where he is able to tell his wife a life in order to hang out with you. He can tell her that he is staying late at work, in which case he will come over to your place or book a hotel for the two of you. If you have never seen him on the weekends or during holidays, this is another red flag. He is probably hanging out with his wife/kids, and if he is not, it would be harder to leave the house and make an excuse as to where he is off to. He would just rather play it safe and stay home.

On The Phone

If you are out on a date with him and he receives a phone call, watch to see if he gets nervous. This may mean that his wife is calling and he is stuck in a bad position. If he rushes off to get the call, there is a good chance that it is his wife even if he says that it is only work. Also, if you are on the phone with him and he speaks quietly, or has to get off of the phone at very random parts of your conversation, this may be a sign that you are dating a married man. If he is hanging up on you at certain parts of your conversation and telling you later on that his phone died, this could be a sign that he is married and didn’t want his wife to hear that he was on the phone in the first place because that could mean questioning. Different things that you should be worried about when it comes to the phone is if he only suggests to call you from a blocked number. Anyone who hears that would start off by asking why, but this is a very safe way for a man who is married to keep you under wraps. This way you cannot call him, which means that his wife will never have to see your name pop up on his caller ID, or pick up his phone only to hear a woman’s voice.

Lies About It

Don’t believe everything that he says. Some of these married men will claim that they are separated or divorced, but are still married to their wife. Check up on all of the the signs and put together the pieces to see whether he is still married or not. If you are able to have comfortable phone conversations with him and sleep over at his place, there is a goof chance that he is telling the truth, but if he is still very worried about introducing you to family and friends, he may be telling you a lie. If you can see an indent in his ring finger or a tan line around where his ring was, this is a clear indication that he is married and has been wearing his ring on and off. If he tries to lie about it, do not believe him!


If he reacts oddly to certain subject matter such as family or past relationships, this may mean that he is a married man. A man who is married may feel strange or awkward talking about their family or past relationships just because their family may consist of a bunch of children and a wife, and their "past relationships" aren’t really in the past. If it is obvious that he feels uncomfortable, or changes the subject every time you bring something like this up, there is a good chance that he is either in a serious relationship with someone else, or he is married. A good way to find out if he has children is to ask him if he ever want kids. This is a question that—if you have children—you cannot lie about without looking silly and flustered. Follow your gut when it comes to reading your date’s reaction.

Friends & Family

Meeting friends and family are a crucial part of dating. Normally, you will first meet their friends and then family. If a few months have passed and you still haven’t met any of his friends or family, this can be a big red flag that he is married. It is big thing to meet someone’s family—it can be a very scary thing for some people. Some become very anxious when introducing someone new to their family. When it comes to friends, there shouldn’t be any stress attached. Friends aren’t like family when it comes to meeting a woman or man you have been dating. They are way more laid back about the situation. If you have not met his friends or family within six months, there is definitely something going on. If he also says that he doesn’t have any friends or family, this can be a red flag. Of course, if he actually doesn’t have anyone this can be quite sad, but if it goes along with lots of other signs, it may be time to confront your boyfriend.

Social Media

There are a few red flags to look out for when dating. If he does not have (or chooses not to accept you as a friend on) Facebook or any other social media, this can be a huge red flag. There may be photos of his wife and family that he doesn’t want you to see and he may be not only hiding his life from you, but also hiding you from his life. He wouldn’t want his wife to be asking questions about the other woman commenting on his photos, possibly telling him that she loves him. This can blow his whole cover. If you are really worried about what they are hiding on their social media, you already know that there is something fishy going on. If the man you’re dating is constantly trying to get out of taking pictures with you, this may be another sign that he is in another relationship. He knows as well as everyone else, pictures can circulate quickly on the internet and it only takes one person to find it. Things could be over between him and his wife in the time it takes to send a photo, and that’s pretty quick.

Follow Your Intuition

The best way to figure out if the man you are dating is married is to really follow your gut. If you are looking for articles to find out whether the man you are dating is already married (and you definitely are if you’re reading this), then there is something wrong and you need to confront him immediately. Some women do not care, and actually find it attractive when a man is married, but if you are one of the many women who wouldn’t want to ever date a married man, you should definitely confront him. If it turns out that your gut was right, it is important to try and break things off with him as soon as possible so that you are not in risk of being hurt at some point or another, because if you are a woman who cares about this, you will definitely find out one day and it will result in a lot of hurt and broken trust. The sooner the better. Follow your heart to determine whether the man you are dating is married or not.

He Feels Comfortable Alone

If the man you are dating always feels uncomfortable when you are in public, but seems to be extremely comfortable when you are alone, this is a huge sign that he is either in a relationship or married. When out in public, there is always a chance that you will run into someone. It is a small world. He will always be on edge when he knows that there is something to worry about. Make sure to question him about why he is so distant in public but so comfortable behind closed doors.

Things Just Aren’t Adding Up

Sometimes, in all sorts of relationships, someone will tell you something that just doesn’t add up. If you are being given answers and told certain things that just don’t make sense, there is probably an explanation to why. Make sure that you are keeping on top of things and making sure that instead of hiding your observations, you tell this person how you feel and how what they have just told you doesn’t make sense. This person will either change their story (maybe they mixed up the words), or they will become frustrated. If they are frustrated, it means that they are upset with themselves and the fact that they couldn’t figure out a smart enough story to tell. If it is still early in the relationship and things aren’t adding up, this is a good time to run. Get out as fast as you can if you are beginning to realize that a lot of the things he is telling you do not add up.


He Has Told You

Obviously if he has told you that he is married, this is a huge red flag that you should take into consideration immediately. This can also be a way of holding you on for longer, it may sound strange, but sometimes men will come out and let you know that they are married but are completely committed to you, and love you. They will promise that they are going to get divorced soon just so that everything is out in the open (they do not feel as bad), and you are still there waiting for him. Sometimes the man will actually get divorced so that the two of you can be together, but sometimes he just can’t bring himself to do it. hopes that they helped you with this relationship advice, and hopes that it has helped you figure out if the man you are dating is married or not. These signs can definitely point to the direction of him being married, but if only one or two of them are occurring, look deeper into the relationship and keep your eyes open. This will save you from making him feel as if he is doing something wrong when he isn’t. If you are worried that your partner is not over their ex girlfriend or boyfriend, click here for more help from!

Signs You Are Dating A Married Man

Are you worried that you're possibly dating a married man? is here for the best relationship advice.

Signs You Are Dating A Married Man