Signs That He Is Catching Feelings For You





Signs He Is Catching Feelings For You

Sometimes there are things in life you can’t control. Someone developing feelings for you is one of them. Whether you embrace them or not (we will talk about that later), you should know the signs that he is catching feelings for you. That way you can choose whether you have feelings for him, if you care or if you should end it. Freehookups knows all about the signs that someone is catching feelings for you and we want to give you the relationship advice you are seeking.


The Many Signs That He Is Falling In Love With You

1. He Will Go Out Of His Way For You

This is one of those things where if he likes you, he makes it known by going out of his way for you. He knows that you are sick and surprises you with soup and tea and brings over your favorite movies. He might even bring you some nice bath products to have a relaxing and hot bubble bath so you feel better. Things like this show that he truly likes you. Even things like he knows this month you can’t afford a subway pass, so he buys you one so you aren’t late to work or forced to walk.

Guys like this put most other guys to shame. You would think that just doing things for the girl he likes is easy enough, but not all men do it. Then they wonder why their girl doesn’t seem excited to be with them.

2. He Knows You

We don’t mean he knows who you are. We mean, he knows what you like, dislike, and what you absolutely can’t live without. He knows your favorite hot drink, cocktail, movie, song, destination, etc. He knows what town you grew up in, if you are the youngest sibling, what your parents do for a living or if they are even together. He knows things about you because he listens to you when you talk to him. He asks you questions about your life. He takes the time to get to know everything about you because to him, you are a beautiful story and he can’t just read one chapter.

3. He Loves Spending Time With You

This one should be obvious. A while ago there was this whole thing about "He’s just not that into you if…", well the number one thing was he is just not that into you if he doesn’t want to spend time with you. This means a lot can be said about him if he wants to spend as much time with you as possible. We don’t even mean just taking you out on dates. We mean, wanting to see you even in your worst state. He wants to see you without make-up or your hair done up. He wants to see you after the gym when you are all sweaty. He wants to see you in all those moments where normally you wouldn’t want him to see because he wants to spend time with you and be there with you.

You know a guy has caught major feelings for you when all he wants to do is spend time with you. It doesn’t matter what you do, he just wants to spend some time with you. That’s all that matters. It’s actually one of the sweetest things that a guy can do for you. Just wanting to spend time with you is how you will know he has truly caught the feelings.

4. The Way He Looks At You

There is always something in the way a guy looks at you. Authors have been writing about it forever. In The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald writes "he looks at her the way all women want to be looked at by a man." This sums it up perfectly what love is like. We all want to be looked at like we are the only girl in the world. If your man looks at you like there is no one else in any room anywhere, then he has caught the feelings for you bad.

However, this is nothing to be scared of. When he starts looking at you with those eyes and time stops, let it. Who says that just because he is a hookup doesn’t mean that you two can’t turn it into something more? Maybe one day you will look at him the way he looks at you.

5. The Way He Holds You

You know what we are talking about when we say the way he holds you is everything. At night, when you two are in bed, is he holding on to you, keeping you safe and warm? Or is he distant and just throws one arm around you for the sake of being comfortable? When you two kiss goodbye, does he pull you in close and embrace you so that your whole body feels it, or does he just kiss and leave?

The way he holds you in any situation can mean the difference between loving someone and just being with someone. This is a hell of a super fun way to find out how he feels. Take notes about all the times you cuddle watching movies, snuggle in bed on a Sunday morning. How does he sit next to you in a movie theater? There are a bunch of different ways that you can be held, but knowing if he loves you, there is only one way. There is emotion behind each embrace he puts you in. He holds on long enough, tight enough, he even breathes you like the Goddess you are. That is how you know if he has all the feelings for you.

6. He Is Something Positive In Your Life

A lot of people, men and women alike are confusing like with love and love with lust. This is natural, your brain gets confused with what your heart is feeling. There is a difference in how he treats you though. If he is something positive in your life, then you will have no problem knowing how you both feel. Being a positive aspect in someone’s life is something that we all strive for. However, few can actually obtain it. So, if he is falling in love with you and he supports you and everything you do, this is commendable. Don’t put your life and love into a toxic person, even if that’s all you did in the past. Even if that’s all you think you know or deserve. Whether you feel as deeply or not, trust the fact that he is something someone you want to be around.

7. You Can Just Tell

A lot can be said about just knowing he is in love with you. There is something in everything he does that proves to you that you are his one and only. The way he brushes his hand against your cheek. The way he kisses your forehead as you fall asleep on his chest. How softly he says your name as if it were a beautiful song he wrote new every single time. Sometimes, you just know he loves you. Sometimes, it’s more than just one thing. Sometimes, you can look over at him and he smiles at you like you are the only girl in the world and in that moment, you just know he loves you and will try his hardest to make you happy.

8. He Surprises You

You know he really has feelings for you if he surprises you. Not just by showing up at your place on a Sunday morning with coffee, but really surprises you. He remembers your favorite snack when you watch movies, he knows that you love outdoors, but hate camping. He surprises you with concert tickets to the band you like. He takes you on picnics because he knows he used to love going on them as a kid.

Surprises are more than just presents. Surprises are knowing he listens to you and takes note of things. He knows how much you miss Italy, so he learned how to make homemade pasta just so you could feel like you are there. Surprises are wonderful when it comes to you and him. When he surprises you, it means that he is truly catching some strong feelings for you.

9. You Meet His Friends And Family

If he has all the feels for you, then he will start introducing you to his friends and to his family. He will want you to know every part of his life. Guys who are just hooking up with you do not want to introduce you to anyone in his life. He doesn’t have those conversations about explaining to people who you are and what you are to him. Where as if he has all the feelings for you, he wants people to it.He wants to show you off.

10. He tells you.

Plain and simple. He just tells you that he is falling for you. That he is catching all the feels and there is no way of stopping it. Honesty is the best trait about being involved with someone. If they can be honest with you about how they feel, then you are set for life. There is always going to be something that confuses you about what they say or what they do. Not all men are good at expressing themselves. When men can just be honest with you, that is a winning factor right there. That way you know that he is a keeper and that you always have someone in your corner.

11. Phone Calls After 2am

Normally, nothing good can happen after 2am. However, it’s 3 am and he can’t sleep because his day sucked and all he wants to do is talk to you. This isn’t a 3am booty call kind of call. This is a "I just needed to hear your voice, you have been on my mind all day" kind of call. Yeah, you might be sleepy and you might be a little bit annoyed that he woke you up, but hearing him say that he just wanted to talk might bring a cute little smile to that face of yours. Having someone call you that late without rhyme or reason can make you feel special. Especially when the phone call isn’t about getting in your pants.

12. He Plans For The Future

There is always a sure sign that he is catching feelings when he starts planning out your future together. Things stop being "I have to go to a wedding in June" and turn into "I want you to come to this wedding to me in June." He plans for the upcoming months and starts using the phrase "we" a lot more. When he starts doing this, you will know that he is seriously catching feelings for you.

13. Real Dates

The major difference between a hookup and someone who is catching feelings for you is that they will take you out on real dates. There won’t be anymore Netflix and chill (well, there might be if that’s what you two plan to do together), there will be these real dates that you can’t wait to go on. Nice restaurants, movies, vacations, whatever you can think of. A guy who has feelings for you will want to take you out in public, he will want to show you off and he will want to make sure that the two of you are going on really nice dates.

14. Those Beautiful Long Goodbyes

Whether you two are on the phone together or saying goodnight at the end of a date, the goodbyes always take forever. He doesn’t want to let you go or hang up the phone because then he knows that he won’t be able to see or talk to you for a while and that sucks. You can tell the difference in someone when they give you a quick peck and leave versus if they hold onto you a little bit tighter.

15. He Buys You Gifts

Not only does he buy you gifts that he knows you will like, he buys you things that are truly helpful and useful. He noticed you have trouble sleeping so he went out and bought you one of those special memory foam pillows that aid with sleep problems. Or he knows that you have been wanting that Tiffany’s necklace and decides to surprise you with it one day.

How To Handle How You Feel About Him

Once you realize that your hookup is catching feelings for you, you need to take a good hard look at your life. Do you have feelings for him? Do you feel nothing towards him? Are you just using him for sex? Knowing how he feels is only half the battle you, yourself need to know how you feel or don’t feel about him. If you don’t have feelings for him, what do you want to do? Do you want to keep him around because you like him being there or do you want cut him loose so that he can’t find someone who likes him back? There are no rules when it comes to a hookup. Sometimes people catch feelings, sometimes they don’t. You can choose to talk about it or you can ignore it.

However, if you do like him, maybe you should tell him. There is nothing wrong with telling someone who clearly likes you that you like them back. That way, you can go from hookup to relationship.


Catching Feelings Or Super Clingy

There is a difference between having a guy catch feelings for you and a guy getting super clingy. While the signs are similar, there are some major differences. If he calls you to hear your voice, he’s being sweet. If he calls you twenty times, that’s clingy boy area. Stay clear of that. If he shows up unannounced all the time, that is bordering on stalker status.

However, there is always the fact that anything can seem creepy or stalker or clingy if you aren’t into it as much as he is. If you like a guy, then all the things that he does that seem creepy to other might seem adorable to you. Everything is all about perspective.

If you are catching feelings for him, then the way he looks at you isn’t something clingy. It’s something wonderful. You just need to decide how you feel about him before you start making rash decisions about whether or not he is clingy or amazing.

Catching feelings for someone isn’t a bad thing. Let him fall heavy in love with you. Sometimes all it takes is a look, is a glance, is a touch and you could have something wonderful. These are the signs that you need to look for to know if your man is catching feelings for you.

Freehookups wants to help you know if he is falling in love or is if he is just another hookup.

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Signs He's Catching Feelings For You

FreeHookups knows the signs about whether he is catching feelings for you. That's why we are offering some relationship advice about the signs of feelings.

Signs He's Catching Feelings For You