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Welcome to FreeHookups.com! If you have used our site before, we are happy to have you back. If you are just discovering FreeHookups for the first time, you will see soon enough why we have such a high rate of returning guests! It is safe to assume that if you have found your way to this particular page of the internet, you are indeed searching for the best cam sites around. Finding a decent cam site can be a pain in the neck, but with the FreeHookups Best Cam Sites Directory, you'll be seeing sexy live cam girls in no time! Whether you are looking for black live cam girls, MILF live cam girls, college live cam girls, or any other type of cam girls performing naughty live sex cam shows, we have got you covered!

If you head down this page, you will find yourself looking at our Complete Best Cam Sites Directory. This directory is your key to finding the best cam sites online in every category you can imagine. Want to see the best Amateur Cam Sites? We've got that. Interested in top-notch Lesbian Cam Sites? You can find that here! Perhaps you'd like to dabble in some of the great Fetish Cam Sites out there? Not a problem! With the Complete FreeHookups Best Cam Sites Directory exactly what you have been looking for. On top of that, we have also stuffed this page with a ton of information about the history of cam girls and cam sites, the do's and don'ts of interacting with cam girls, and our three step guide to finding cam site success! Read on to uncover all the live cam girls answers you have ever wanted to know, and to discover information about cam sites that you never even knew you wanted to know!

A Brief History Of Cam Sites


In April of 1996, a junior at Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania picked up a webcam at the school bookstore and decided to put it to use. She programmed a website to take and upload snapshots from her webcam (which she had set up in her dorm room) every 15 minutes. Once she had it working, she shared the cam site address with her friends and it slowly began to spread out from there. Soon after, her cam site was featured in an Australian newspaper and its popularity skyrocketed. Over time, more cameras were added and the time in between snapshots was reduced significantly. Although it stopped broadcasting in 2003, in the seven years the cam site had been online, its popularity climbed to just over seven million hits a day at its peak! This simple idea quickly spawned several copycats and kickstarted the world of cam sites and live cam girls that we have today. Early cam sites have also been credited with the invention of reality-based television programming such as Big Brother.

Jenni Ringley: Our Lady Of Live Cam Girls


The Dickinson College student mentioned above was 19-year-old Jenni Ringley. As the subject of her self-built cam site, JenniCam.org, Jenni became the world's first ever in a long list of live cam girls. One of the reasons that Jenni's cam site was so popular was because she did not edit her life for the audience. Jenni did everything would have been doing in her dorm room anyway, but now with a webcam capturing her activities. When someone visited JenniCam, they could catch Jenni doing anything from surfing the net and watching television to folding laundry and getting dressed to studying and sleeping to having sex and masturbating. After her cam site's boom in popularity, Jenni found herself making appearances on shows like Late Night with David Letterman and the Today Show, being featured in print publications such as The Wall Street Journal and Salon, and guest spotting on a popular television show of the time called Diagnosis Murder.

Jenni graduated from Dickinson College with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics in 1997 and moved to D.C. She began to charge a yearly fee for those who were interested in being Premium Cam Site Members. This would give paying audience members more frequent updates than were given out normally for free. With the money she made from this idea, she added four more webcams to her house so that her audience could see even more of her. In 2000, Jenni moved to Sacramento to live beside her best friend, and one of her fellow live cam girls, Pamela Courtney. Shortly after, Jenni become sexually and romantically involved with Courtney's fiance, Dex, and her audience began to turn against her. She claimed to have found true love with Dex, but her fans could not look past her betrayal of a dear friend. In 2003, Jenni shut down JenniCam.org for good, but her legacy will live on forever.

Your Three Step Guide To Finding Cam Site Success


If you are not sure how to go about using this cam site directory for the first time, that is okay-that is exactly why we have included this section: our three step guide to finding cam site success! Below, you will find steps one through three. Following along with each of these, step by step, is the easiest way that we know how to pinpoint the perfect cam site for you!

Step #1: Decide On The Type Of Live Cam Girls You Want To See

What kind of women (or men-no judgement!) are you attracted to? What kind of lifestyle do you want to get an intimate look at? Do you have a particular fetish or interest that you want catered to? These are the main questions you should ask yourself when you are deciding on the type of live cam girls you want to see. Amateur? Goth? Transgender? BBW? Our directory has a vast selection of categories and sub-categories to choose from.

Step #2: Think About What You Want To Get Out Of Your Cam Site Experience


Once you have made your selection and clicked the coordinating link, you will find yourself directed to a page containing a list of the ten best cam sites within that category or sub-category. Each of those cam site listings will be accompanied by a summary of the site and a list of site highlights. This will tell you information such as how many live cam girls you can find on the site, whether a site is free or paid, whether a site is mobile compatible, and so much more. This information will help you to decide which of these cam sites is best for you, based on what kind of things you feel are important to your overall cam site experience.

Step #3: Make Your Cam Site Selection & Sign Up!

Once you have selected which of the cam sites you would like to explore further, simply click the link provided and you will be instantly directed to your chosen world of live cam girls! Each site has its own unique registration link, but they are all 100% guaranteed to be easy and user-friendly-it was part of our assessment when choosing the best cam sites! And that's it-from there you will be good to go!

Do's & Don'ts: The Rules Of Interacting With Live Cam Girls


If you are going to succeed on cam sites, you need to learn some basic etiquette. Below are our four top "do's" and "don'ts" of interacting with live cam girls. Read, through them, take them to heart, and use them as you move forward in your cam site journey. Trust us-these tips will quickly make you the favorite of any cam girl out there!

DO: Pay Attention To Personal Rules!

Almost all live cam girls will have their own set of rules. These rules will include things such as what the cam girl will or will not do in their performance as well as offenses that could get you banned from their show. It is important to pay attention to these cam site rules so that you stay on your cam girl's good side.

DON'T: Be Rude!

You should never be rude in any situation, but this is especially true if you are looking to have a good cam site experience. Being rude when interacting with live cam girls will get you banned at worst, and ignored at best. You want to keep live cam girls happy and excited! You don't want to be rude and ruin the mood. Rude offenses generally include things like ignoring her personal rules, making demands without tipping, and insulting her body or her performance.

DO: Tip Generously!

Remember: these women are performing live cam girls shows for a living. Tipping them should be as normal as tipping your waiter, your barber, or your mechanic! Plus, tipping on cam sites makes you popular among cam girls and will make them happy to see you pop up in their audience. That's not a bad place to be in!

DON'T: Skip The Small Talk!

Live cam girls are not just sex bots waiting for you to arrive... they are regular people who like to make friends and talk about normal things, too! Try asking them what kind of things they are into and find out what you have in common. If a cam girl is sitting in their room having a nice conversation with their audience, this is NOT the time to skip forward to raunchy sex talk. Start slow and follow the show. She will appreciate the fact that you spent so much time hanging out, she might even give you a special performance!

Not Into Cam Sites? You Have Options!


If you are currently reading this sentence, then we guess you have not been captivated enough to start clicking on our directory links. That's okay... maybe cam sites are not the thing for you! Luckily, on FreeHookups.com, you have lots of options. We put just as much effort into each and every one of our directories as we did for this cam sites directory, so you can be sure that you will find the best of the best, no matter what you are looking for.

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