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Five Signs That You Are Really Bisexual

If you're thinking about your sexuality, and wondering where you fit in in the world of labels like 'straight', 'gay', or 'bisexual', don't worry, you're not alone. Millions of people think about their sexuality daily, and find that it might even change the more they embrace it and play with the idea of exploring other options. When you start to really feel comfortable in your own skin, and you don't worry about the approval of others, it's easier to explore your wants and needs with no limits, and nothing holding you back. Maybe you've always identified with having an attraction to the opposite sex, but the more you think about it, you find that you're starting to develop an attraction to members of the same sex. Does that mean you're gay? No, not necessarily. If you're attracted to both sexes equally, you might just be bisexual. There are a lot of people who identify as bisexual because they don't like to close themselves off from sexual experiences, and they like to explore all that there is out there. If you want to explore your options, labelling yourself, or questioning yourself will only hold you back from the experiences you really want to have. Go with your feelings and decide what you want to be without worrying about labelling yourself. If you are attracted to all sexes, consider yourself a sexual person and accept that you're going to have an amazing time exploring all that comes with it.


If you're not sure whether you're bisexual or not, there are some signs that you can look out for. If you're already having questioning feelings, that's a good first sign, but it doesn't mean you are or not. You might just be open to the idea of exploring your desires further and want to find out what they really mean. Good sex advice can help reveal if you're bisexual, and wants to help you figure out your feelings. Get the relationship advice you need. Once you have a better idea of where you stand, you can start to dive into exploring bisexuality a little bit more. There are no rules to determining who you're attracted to, so go with it. If nothing else, you'll learn a little bit more about yourself in the meantime, and that's always a good thing. Check out these 5 signs that will give you some insight into your sexuality, and help you determine if you are in fact, bisexual.

5 Signs That You Really Are Bisexual

#1. You Recently Started Noticing Your Attraction To The Same Sex

Maybe you've always been attracted to the opposite sex, but lately you find that your attraction is shifting. Maybe you've started to look at the same sex in a whole new light. You might have always thought of people as good looking or pretty, but maybe now you're noticing a different feeling - a feeling of want. If your attraction has shifted from superficial to emotional, that is a good indicator that you have developed an attraction for both sexes. If you're not only drawn to what you used to be drawn to, and you don't shut down the thought of picturing yourself with both sexes, you might be attracted to both sides, and that's okay. The faster you know how you really feel the sooner you can start observing your feelings further. What's your level of sexual turn on? We're not talking porn here either. If you are watching porn and questioning your sexuality, it's best to focus your experiment on the real deal. Porn might turn you on, but that doesn't mean that you're attracted to the opposite sex. You'll only be able to gauge your level of attraction to the same sex in real life situations. Are you genuinely turned on by both sexes equally? Do you find that you're checking out both sexes when carrying out your everyday tasks? If so, you might be bisexual.

#2. You Start Looking At A Friend Differently

Maybe you've always had a friend that you get along with well and always thought they'd make a great partner if they were the opposite sex. Maybe all of a sudden you're starting to look at this friend in a new light. Does that sound relatable? If so, it might be because you've finally tuned into your real feelings, and are starting to realize that you're attracted to this person on a more sexual level. A lot of people suppress their bisexuality because they think they should feel one way or another, but eventually you have to honor your feelings. If those feelings are creeping up and telling you that you're now attracted to a sex that you weren't attracted to before, you could finally be embracing your true feelings and true self. If you're finding a new level of sexual attraction in people that you didn't see it in before, that could be a sign that you're bisexual, and that you're ready to accept your feelings once and for all.

#3. You've Been Questioning Your Sexuality A Lot Lately

Sexuality can come in phases, and if you feel like you've been questioning your sexuality for a long period of time, there's a good chance the universe is trying to tell you something. Usually if we have a fleeting feeling, we figure out that it's pretty insignificant, and we move on. If you're wondering about being bisexual or not, and that feeling isn't going away, you could be bisexual. If the feeling stays for longer than you thought it would, you might have some things to admit to yourself. You can try to forget the feeling or move past it, but if you find that your feelings are growing, and that your attraction for both sexes is equally there, it's probably time to just face the facts. Your sexuality can change, who you're attracted to can change, but persistent thoughts don't change easily unless you deal with the situation head on. Stop ignoring those pressing questions, thoughts and feelings, and start realizing that you might be bisexual, and that's okay. The sooner you learn to accept your feelings, the sooner you can stop stressing about them and start enjoying them. There are no right or wrong ways to go about analyzing your sexuality. It is what you allow it to be. If you suppress your feelings, they will come out in other ways, and sometimes not in healthy ways. Acceptance is key to moving forward, so allow yourself to feel the way you feel, accept it, and move on to things that please you emotionally and physically.

#4. You've Been Asking Bisexual Friends About Their Love Lives

If you have bisexual friends, you've probably heard a lot about their relationships. If you're moving beyond just listening to their stories to asking more detailed information about them, you could be trying to figure your own sexuality out. If you're looking for a deeper meaning into their relationships, or trying to see if you relate to them on another level, that's a sign that you're questioning yourself. If you're interested in the details, and maybe those details turn you on, you could be looking to recreate the scenarios for yourself. Maybe you're a lot more interested lately because you want to try things for yourself. Maybe you're getting as much information as you can so that if you do decide to try a new kind of relationship, you'll be prepared. If you find that your interests are changing, or that you can relate to your bisexual friends on a level you couldn't before, you could very well be bisexual yourself. The best thing to do is keep asking questions. The more you learn about the situation and how others feel, the more you can relate and in turn start to understand your own feelings. Don't hold back when it comes to figuring yourself out. The more you know, the easier it will be for you to move forward and make the switch to dating both sexes when you do figure out that you want to try going both ways.

#5. You're Worried More About Coming Out Than How You Feel

If your feelings of coming out are overshadowing your feelings of attraction to both sexes, you are probably a closet bisexual. The first person you need to come out to, is yourself. Once you accept who you are and what you want, the sooner you'll be able to share it with the world without caring what anyone thinks. Your sexuality is your own and it doesn't matter what anyone has to say about it. If you're happy, you should only concentrate on that, and the people who support you for being unapologetically you. Coming out should be the least of your worries. What you want to be focusing on is how you feel about not having to lie to yourself anymore. If you keep trying to convince yourself that you're not bisexual, you're going to suffer in other areas of your life. You might also hold onto resentment for the people you feel you can't be open and honest with, and that's not good for anyone. Be true to yourself about your bisexuality. Own it. And then explore it. The sooner that you start focusing on you, the sooner you'll stop worrying about what anyone else thinks. Your sexuality matters, and there's no right or wrong way to feel. If you want to be bisexual, if you know that you are bisexual, you need to embrace it. If your concerns lie on other people, you're going to live a very unhealthy life trying to fight your urges, and you'll only hurt yourself in the end. If you can fight the urge to keep your sexuality a secret, you'll be 100 times better off. Do what you have to do for you. If you think that this applies to you, you have to start accepting your feelings and really learning to embrace your bisexuality. When you do, you'll have all the answers you need.

How Do I Live With My New Sexuality?

If you've gone through this article realizing that you can relate all too well, then you've got some changes to make. If you accept your sexuality and want to move forward, there are some things you can do to help you with the transition. Realizing that it's not all about sex is the first step. Relationships, as you know, are more than just physical attraction. If you don't know where to find other bisexuals in your city, you can start by going online. When you can select your sexual preference, it's easy to eliminate the guesswork. Try meeting locals online and feel out how you're going to approach your new lifestyle. Doing a little bisexual research sounds funny, but it could actually help you be kinder to yourself during your transition. Ask a lot of questions, see what other people like you are doing, talk to your friends, and even try online searches to get the information you need. Build up a little network of people you can talk to so that you can build your confidence up. Everyone has to start somewhere, and sometimes something as simple as starting a conversation with someone online, can lead to the answers that you need.

Don't be shy! Love and accept the choice you made to explore your sexuality, and don't hold back. If you really want to know what it's like to be bisexual, you have to go all in. Maybe one week you want to talk to girls, and the next you want to talk to guys. That's okay! You don't have to create rules for yourself. Just go with the flow and be open to talking to members of both sexes. Start going on dates with whoever you feel like going on dates with, and enjoy them for their differences. The beautiful thing about sexuality is that there are no rules, so don't think just because you can identify with being bisexual, that you have to all of a sudden follow some code. Being bisexual means that you create the love/ sex life that you want, and you don't have to go by any rules at all. Love is love and it comes in all different shapes and forms, so this is your opportunity to create the perfect love life for you. Don't hold yourself back because you have an idea of how things should be. Just be yourself and be open to things working out the way they do all on their own.


You can't always control how you feel, and too many people try to tell themselves that they should be one way or another. If you're questioning your sexuality, it's because you know that there's more to what makes you happy. You don't have to identify with anyone else but yourself. There's nothing wrong with owning your sexuality and deciding not to label it by anyone else's standards. You are allowed to explore your different attractions, and to see what you like and don't like without anyone's outside input or opinion. Start allowing yourself to be who you are without those outside voices telling you what you should be. If you're attracted to all sexes, and want to explore and see for yourself what you like, you should do that. Anyone else who's in a similar position would be a great person to talk to so that you have someone to relate to. Knowing that someone else is going through the same thing makes it easier for you to go through it yourself. You can find that support through your friends, or online. Even if you had the intention of going online to find dates, you'd be surprised at how fast you can meet people that just want to have conversations that turn into mini therapy sessions about relating to each other. It always feels good to know that we're not alone when going through transitions in life. Change and acceptance aren't always easy, and when you can join a community of people who are going through similar situations, it makes it a lot easier to cope with. If you have accepted that you're bisexual and want to tell the world, do it!

If you want to ease into it and keep it to yourself for now, but would love to be able to share with likeminded people, try an online site to get you connected as soon as tonight. Get excited about your new found sexuality, and enjoy it. You'll be thankful that you accepted yourself as you are and you were willing to explore what others might suppress. You're going to love your new lifestyle!

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Five Signs You Are Bisexual

Good sex advice can help reveal if you're bisexual, and wants to help you figure out your feelings. Get the relationship advice you need.

Five Signs You Are Bisexual