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view summary view summary view summary view summary view summary view summary view summary view summary view summary view summary’s Most Recommended Forum Sites is an LGBT forum site that provides a safe space for people to come out, and to discuss topics relating to being queer. They have a phenomenal relationship advice forum that's great for meeting hookups, and getting tips on date nights, and more! If you're gay and want some advice on sex or relationships, this sex and relationship forum is the place to go. Is More Than Just An LGBT Relationship Forum

  • Tons of discussion topics
  • Safe space
  • Millions of members is a magic and hoodoo shop that offers great LGBT relationship advice in their relationship advice forum. You can ask questions, and even find spells, for anything you want to achieve in LGBT relationships and sexual encounters. This site is the perfect place to magic folk and fans of the supernatural to discuss their experiences. Is A Magic Site With A Great LGBT Relationship Forum

  • Spells and hoodoo culture site
  • Huge range of forum topics
  • Very niche has a huge range of discussion topics on LGBT life and love, so you'll definitely get answers to your questions on the relationship advice forum here. All topics of discussion are welcome, and members are quick to offer their opinion and replies to your inquiries. You'll always get honest answers when you post on this LGBT sex forum. Is A Highly Rated LGBT Relationship Advice Forum

  • Thousands of active members
  • Variety of discussion topics
  • Quick, truthful responses is a forum site for all kinds of topics, but their LGBT forum is where it's at. They have a ton of active members who are ready to answer your questions, and you can get top notch advice for sexytime in their LGBT sex forum. The moderator does a great job at keeping discussions organized and fruitful, so you get the best advice when you check here. Is A Popular LGBT Relationship & Sex Forum

  • Great moderator
  • Real answers
  • Tons of members isn't strictly an LGBT relationship forum page, but they have a great subsection dedicated to it. The site itself is an online marketplace for techies and more. In their LGBT forum section, you can ask questions about hooking up, and get advice on the best spots to meet for hookups while you're there! It's a multipurpose forum that also acts as a sex forum. Has A Top Singaporean LGBT Relationship Forum

  • Huge variety of discussion topics
  • Marketplace, shop, and more!
  • Tech and relationship advice, or FamousMales Forums, is a site dedicated to discussing your favorite male celebrities. Of course, just because you're talking about hot famous guys, doesn't mean you can't also ask for sex advice - and that's exactly what happens here! You can ask any question you want to answers to in the LGBT sex forum here, with no judgement! Is A Male Celebrity Discussion Site And LGBT Sex Forum

  • Variety of discussion topics
  • Lots of members
  • Well moderated is a Nigerian lesbian forum site, but all are welcome. Topics range from entertainment and food, to sex and relationships, so you'll get answers to literally any question topic you might ask. The sex forum on this site is all about lesbian hookups and sex, so check here if you're looking for places to meet hookup in Nigeria. You can feel safe asking your LGBT questions here. Is A Lesbian-Oriented Nigerian LGBT Sex Forum Site

  • All kinds of topics
  • Safe space
  • Sex advice and more! is a massive forum site, with a ton of sub-forum sections. One of the most popular sections of the site is the LGBT relationship advice forum! This is the best place to go if you're an LGBT person looking for any kind of advice, whether it be sex, dating, or even coming out! Members always respond quickly with honest replies. Has A Huge LGBT Relationsghip Forum Following

  • Hundreds of active members
  • Lots of different LGBT topics
  • Real, honest answers is one the best forum sites you can visit if you're an LGBT person looking for hookups. This LGBT sex forum is full of advice, and people looking for hookups, so it's a one-stop-shop for dates and more! You can take part in a huge number of discussion topics, or reply only to people asking for hookups. Whatever you're in the mood for, you can find it here. Is An LGBT Hookup & Sex Forum!

  • Meet hookups
  • Get advice
  • Variety of discussion topics is a forum site that has a huge LGBT forum section. The most popular discussion posts tend to deal with sex and relationships, so it could be considered a relationship advice forum above anything else. People ask all kinds of questions, and receive a ton of helpful replies, so if you need an answer, this is the place to get it! Has A Highly Rated LGBT Relationship & Sex Forum

  • Hundreds of other members
  • Lively discussions
  • Fully moderated Top LGBT Hookup Forum Sites Directory

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