Signs That You Are Dating "The One





Signs You Are Dating "The One"

It can be difficult to trust anyone to give you good advice when it comes to relationships, but with, we offer only the best relationship advice on a wide variety of topics. For matters of sex, love, dating and everything in between, look no further than We want our readers to be happy and healthy in any situation, which is why we make sure that we offer a diverse selection of advice, so that all of your questions can be answered!

Everyone knows that dating is difficult. It is almost inevitable in this day and age that just about everyone will have to deal with an entire league of horrible suitors throughout their dating history. It could be emotional manipulators, fuckboys, needy people who border on stalking, or mean people who treat you so poorly that it takes months or years to shake off the stress of the situation. So, when you finally meet someone where all the boxes seem to be checked, and all of the stress seems to melt away whenever they are near, it is time to ask yourself, is this ‘the one’? Looking for the best relationship advice is a great first step to figuring this out, because it is a lot to figure out!


Make no mistake, nothing in life worth fighting for is easy, but with The One, some things just might be a little easier than all of the other times where you have stuck around in situation that was destined to fail. With The One, you might find that your puzzle pieces just fit together a little more smoothly. With The One, you might find that old habits that got in the way of successful relationships in the past just sort of disappear - or the very least, if it is brought to your attention, you are willing to learn to change for the betterment of the relationship. This is because something deep inside of you just wants to make them happy. You want to remain as their partner because of something special about them, when maybe in the past, you were unwilling to change for people who didn’t check all of those special ‘boxes’. It is strange, exciting, and new when you meet this elusive soulmate, and it does not hurt to take good relationship advice and recognize the good thing that you have going on in your life. Make sure that they are appreciated and loved just as much as that person appreciates and loves you! Below are some relationship advice signs that your happy and healthy relationship just might be The One you have been looking for.

#1. No Reason To Ever Feel Nervous That They Don’t Like You

There are so many land mines in dating that it is a legitimate wonder why any of us bother with the trouble at all. Dating someone who is not good for you can be absolutely maddening - it can break down your self esteem, make you feel uncomfortable and bad about yourself, it can even make you carry the weight of the situation on your shoulders if that person is good enough at manipulating people. Sometimes you meet someone where the relationship just flows - instead of feeling broken down and needing of affection after seeing them, this person makes you feel fulfilled. They make you feel like you are the most important, most beautiful or handsome person in the room, just by the small, sweet things that they can’t help but do for you. In a lot of cases, it can just be in the way that they look at you that says everything that needs to be said. There is no need to ever feel insecure with this person, because you know in your heart that they care about you very deeply.

When it comes to The One, this person has absolutely no interest in playing games with you. They want to be with you just as badly as you want to be with them. They care about your feelings, they are open with you, and they make it known that you are their person. With all of that being said, every relationship has its ups and downs, and that is something that will exist for the entire duration of the relationship, which is why it is a good idea to read up on relationship advice and help yourself recognize what is just par for the course. With The One, it is clear that this is a person who wants to work to make a life with you. They will not actively and habitually harm you just for their own satisfaction, like some people might do. There is a very distinct difference in feeling between an argument with someone who does care about you, and an argument with someone who does not, and the difference lays within how you feel in the situation. Does an argument make you feel like you have lost them forever? Or do you know deep down that it can be resolved? Do you want it to be resolved?

#2. Taking The Time To Remember The Small Stuff

People can argue in defence of grand romantic gestures (which of course, are always nice), but the fact is that the small things are what matters. It is so pleasant to have someone who knows how you take your coffee, or what your favourite movie is, or what your favourite meal is. It can be even more eccentric and small: it can be someone who just knows you so well that they see your triggers, they know what upsets you in real life, just as much as they know what makes you feel happy and excited. Imagine this: you are dating a person and in passing one time, you mentioned how much you like poodles, that you used to collect figurines as a child, and maybe one day you might like to buy a poodle if you had the money. Then, weeks later, your partner sees a poodle on the street and sends you a photo just because they know it will make you smile. It is by no means running out and buying you a new poodle puppy, but it is a simple way to show their partner that they are thinking about them. When you are dating The One, they can’t help but see things in their life that makes them think of you. It is not necessarily a conscious effort with them, but it is because you have moved into a special place in their hearts, and without any major effort on their end, they can’t help but see you reflected in the world around them.

#3. They Are Your Biggest Cheerleader

Not only will The One inevitably remember your work and habits (who you like at work, what struggles you have to face, what projects you have on the side and what else makes you feel fulfilled), but they are always going to be on your side. When you are dating someone who is not necessarily good for you, you might find a certain amount of resistance to them becoming involved in your life. It is possible that they actively dismiss and avoid the possibility of getting to know your world, because they might be a selfish person, or they might just be interested in sex. At this point, it is always a good idea to read up on relationship advice and help yourself evaluate your situation and what is healthy for you. You might even find that they cannot really remember what you do for work, what your hobbies are, or the little eccentricities that make up your day-to-day when they are not around - in spite of the fact that you have told them about it. Although there are cases of just simple bad memory from good people, the difference lays in their willingness to hear you out, and to listen to the story of your day without totally glazing over just because it doesn’t have anything to do with them. Even if this person has a bad memory and cannot remember something like the music that you were listening to when you painted your first painting, they still support you and are happy to see you doing something that you enjoy.

In some cases, The One might even help you in your life by being more than just a listening ear. They might see connections that could be made either through career, or through personal development in all matters of ways. Because this person cares about you, when they have some free time, they’ll probably go out of their way to help you out. They might come with you to events that you run, help you prepare for an interview, or grab supplies for a new piece you are working on but are unable to get yourself, just to name a few examples. If they cannot offer their time right offhand, they still offer their emotional support by listening and being there wherever they can. There is a whole list of things that a soulmate would do for you at the drop of a hat, and it all falls under the positive influence that a good relationship can have on a person; to make them feel special, loved, and like they can do anything as long as they have their cheerleader on their side. This is important, because you should never really feel like you are totally alone in your relationship. You, in turn, should feel just as much happiness for the various successes that they have going on in their life.

#4. You Have Lives Outside Of Your Life Together

Having your own lives outside of your life with each other is a very major part of a healthy relationship. Although this person is captivating, interesting, good-looking, sexy and caring, and you may want to spend every waking moment of your life just starring into their eyes, the fact is that you have to carry on an existence outside of your relationship. Co-dependency is a bad habit that is easy to fall into for a lot of partners, because if a relationship is exciting and enthralling, there is a huge tendency to just shut yourselves out from the rest of the world and live in your own little nook, feeding off of each other’s energies at any given moment. Co-dependency can also be a difficult thing to identify if you are in the situation yourself, because if the two of you are at least somewhat happy, there is no need for personal reflection until something blows up. It will inevitably blow up, because the fact is is that a co-dependent relationship is not sustainable.

When it comes to The One, you are undoubtedly always going to be a part of their lives and decision making. This is especially true if the two of you are living together. Because if there is confidence and assured feeling about the relationship from both parties, there is no need to worry if either partner goes out with friends alone one night, or spends a little extra time on a personal or professional project. If you are dating The One, this person is never going to make you feel guilty or bad for pursuing something that does not directly involve them, because as mentioned before, this person is your biggest cheerleader and they want you to be successful, fulfilled and happy.

Simultaneously, because this is a relationship with two people and not just yourself, you are happy for your partner that they have things in their life that do not directly involve you. You want your partner to feel as though they have job satisfaction, or creative pursuits that matter to them, hobbies that they find entertaining, and/or at the very least, friends! Unless there is some sort of external issue with one of their friends that needs to be addressed in its own right by reading and researching more relationship advice, a relationship with The One makes you feel like you know you can trust them, and you don’t have to have your eye on them, because there is no way that they could ever want to hurt you.


This almost goes without saying, but if you are dating The One, it should never feel as though you have lost your attraction for one another! Successful, long-term relationships are between partners that are still just as enraptured with each other as the first day they met - never feeling as though they have settled for each other, but are growing together and loving each other’s bodies and souls as they age. This is not to say that every waking moment with The One is going to be a giddy thrill ride of wine and roses. It is that they have the capacity to make a little smile come across your face when they cuddle up to you in bed, or hold your hand when you are walking the dog, or tell you right at the perfect moment that you look beautiful or handsome.

Sometimes relationships just go stale, and it becomes up to the people involved on whether or not they wish to remain with each other in spite of the lack of spice in their lives. Either way, it does not really garner happiness. The whole idea of a soulmate revolves around the fact that this is a person who knows you like no one else knows you (except maybe your parents), so they just instinctively know what to do or say to make you feel appreciated and important, over time. Therein lay the butterflies. Never settle for anything less than that.


Going Forward

If you are currently dating someone who makes you feel like they are always going to be there, and there is no foreseeable future break-up in sight, then by all means, continue on the path that you are on with that person. But keep in mind that, although there is always going to be a great feeling that comes from spending time with that partner, if this is a situation that is worth fighting for, there are going to be many ups, and some downs. You are two human beings with all of your quirks and the emotional baggage that being human entails, so there might be certain behaviours and coping mechanisms that have worked in the past for prior situations, but do not work now in this situation. Listen to relationship advice and listen to yourself and figure out what it is you want out of this, and express that to them. That is something that needs to be discussed and ironed out together. Try to not get yourself too wrapped up into fairytale ideation of what a perfect soulmate relationship should be, because, the fact is, relationships take work. But if there are two (or more, depending on your situation with monogamy or polyamory) parties that are working toward something that is sustainable, and with a future, then there is some comfort and ease to it that is not prevalent in relationships that are destined to fail. Grab that person and tell them you appreciate them, because you are lucky to have them - just like they are lucky to have you.

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