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History of Hooking Up And Its Obsession

In the hookup world, you will always find that the younger generation may likely not have the kind of dating and relationship experience that older folks do. So, there is a history as it relates to hooking up and this is something that the younger generation should take lessons from. What is involved with hooking up? Well, it has to do when two people decide to have a casual encounter with sex and not have any commitment towards any long term relationship. However, there are some people who do hook up and end up starting a relationship, after finding out that they really are compatible and they like each other. For the past ten years, adult hookups have been quite popular, especially since the age of the Internet and technology and mobile devices and apps.

For the past decade, people are shunning monogamous relationships and pursuing hookup relationships. In fact, this has become quite an obsession. For example, there are more one-night stands than ever before and no one thinks anything of it as they may have done twenty years ago. But, not everyone is all on board yet and for that reason, hookup quizzes have become part of the dynamics as a means of finding out if the hookup culture is for them or not. Hookup quizzes have gained popularity among younger people because they are most cultured as it relates to the Internet and mobile apps. However, the older generation is taking queue and become part of it too.


Social media also plays an integral part as hookup quizzes can be shared among friends and this is the ideal way to let it go viral and spread the word about the benefits to taking a hookup quiz. Many of the quizzes also have a link to different social media websites, giving the quiz taker a means of sharing on more than one platform.

In the distance past, hookup quizzes could be found in newspapers and magazines where the reader would take the quiz using a pen and once completed, the results would be forthcoming. Now that the Internet has taken over, the transition to an online platform was made easy, especially since everything is automated in comparison to newspapers and magazines.

People started hooking up more often in the 1920s and this phenomenon increased as years passed by. During the 1920s, there was an upsurge of movie entertainment where most people would meet for their hookup. During that time, courting was no longer done in the confines of the home where parents could supervise young adults, but they met at places of entertainment to freely discover their own sexuality. When the 1960s came around, young adults were suddenly liberated and no longer hand any hang ups about sex, especially in the college scene. So, it is safe to say that hookup quizzes was revolutionized in the 1960s, loosening up any sexual morals. It is during the hippie period too when couples would hookup to socialize and sometimes have casual sex.


The shift from marital sex to non-marital sex became obvious and pop culture had a lot to do with that shift, increasing the obsession and acceptance. The media also has a lot to do with this as it has become a source of reality shows and sex education. In other words, there are several things that contribute to casual hookups being socially acceptable.

The main obsession of hooking up came from the "Hooking Up" film that was released in 2009. In 2011, "No Strings Attached" is another released film that emulated the practice of hooking up casually. On the television scene, two of the popular hookup shows that represented the hookup culture were "The L-Word" and "Queer As Folk." People are taking hookup quizzes now to become more socially aware and to use social media to spread the word about their hookup relationships, having no shame or regrets.

How Printable Hookup Quizzes Have Aided Relationships


Like we discussed before, people used to take quizzes in newspapers and magazines about a decade ago. However, today, the Internet allows you to take relationship quizzes, but in print format. Most relationship quizzes have become a source of information and advice, which may not be found anywhere else. In addition, these quizzes can be shared via social media with friends and partners. In fact, you can actually email the link to someone who you want to take the quiz or email another link with your individual results.

Printable quizzes are quite handy too as they can be directly printed from the website. Or you might be able to download the pdf file and then print the document. No matter which version you use, printable quizzes are the hard copy version, which is also shareable.

There are quite a few advantages of printing and completing relationship quizzes. First of all, you are able to carry it around until you are ready to take the quiz. You can wait until you are comfortably seated before taking the quiz. You can sit with your partner and complete it together, reading the questions to each other and answering out loud or on paper. You will then know if they are answering differently or you are both on the same page.


Some relationship quizzes have a wide range of topics that you can choose from. Other quizzes will allow you to choose a rating from 1 to 10 as it relates to a certain scenario. You can also go into sub-categories such as "History of Your Relationships," Relationship Needs," and "Letting Go Of Your Past Relationships." By selecting categories and sub-categories, you will be able to hone in on the areas that most affect your relationship. This is an excellent test of building your relationship so it can be healthier. Taking the quiz with your partner is the ideal way to improve the relationship.

The best way to do it though is to print two copies and hand one to your partner or friend, after which you would both complete it separately and then compare your answers. Be sure you are honest in answering the questions. If you are, then you can use this as a premise to help a troubled relationship or enhance a good relationship. Printing the hookup quizzes is an excellent way to gain insight into your relationship, your partner, your future and your feelings. You will be asked a series of challenging questions. Choose the answers that best describe your relationship and use the answers to repair any issues in your relationship. It is as easy as that!


Why Hookup Quizzes Are So Popular!

Hookup quizzes are definitely popular for multiple reasons. People are always looking for opportunities to discover themselves and what better way than to take a quiz. Some people take hookup quizzes to categorize their lifestyles, especially in the case where it is not clear to them. Some people might be on a lifelong journey with an attempt to define themselves and to know their exact identity. For example, a hookup quiz might have a question that defines you like a particular pop star. This makes it easier to identify with someone who may be a favorite pop star. And this is only one example that shows how popular hookup quizzes can be. And that is why it is so popular.

Hookup quizzes can be quite effective too, especially for those trying to define themselves and improving their lives. That is why you might see hookup quizzes all over social media. These are not scientific, but fun ways to get sufficient insight on relationships, personalities, dating, lifestyle and tastes.


Most people love to take quizzes, especially to anticipate the results and find out what is on the other end so it can be shared with friends and family. Some business owners or website owners use it as it as a tool for lead generation. Most people love sharing and discussing their values and in a fundamental sense, quizzes will do the trick. When you discuss and share the results of a hookup quiz, it allows you to see whether the person on the other end of the spectrum has anything at all in common with you.

Last, but not least, hookup quizzes has components of human psychology. This means that quizzes become quite irresistible and they also bring out emotions that you probably didn't know you had. And that is why, quizzes work so well for most people.


How To Use The Hookup Quizzes Directory On

OK, now that we have covered all of that, let's now look at how you can successfully use the hookup quizzes directory compiled by If you are looking to learn more about topics like dating, relationship and sex; just to name a few, then you do need access to this hookup quizzes directory. It is easy to peruse through this directory. The list of hookup quizzes has been meticulously researched and compiled into one director for easy access. That means, you don't have to conduct the extensive research. We already did all of that for you. has put this together with the intention of giving you fewer options so that you don't have to be all over the Internet searching on your own. We have gone a step further as to put these quizzes into categories. All you have to do is to select the desired category and get started. Many of the hookup quizzes are brief; some with just 5 questions and others with more. Now, we will discuss the three strategic steps to take so you can locate all the hookup quizzes we have compiled in this directory.

Your Three Step Guide To Choosing The Best hookup quiz For YOU

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Check Out The Categories

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Evaluate Your Selections

Step #3 Step #3

Choose The Sites You Like

Here is our three step guide to choosing the best hookup quiz for you:

Stay Updated With Hookup Quizzes Online

Ok, now go back and start completing the hookup quizzes that best interest you. By now, you should know exactly what to do. We are glad we were able to compile these 13 hookup quizzes for you to check out. Share your results with a partner or friend. And make sure you have fun doing so. Our FreeHookups Dating Quizzes Directory" is just what you need to start your own personal journey of self discovery.


The Best Hookup Quizzes Directory

At, access some of the best hookup quizzes and a directory of other quizzes that you will find helpful in learning more about yourself.

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