If you've ever tried to find someone for casual sex, you know how essential it is to have a date hookup spot to meet or take your hookup partners. We get it! It can be tough to find people who want to have casual sex and no strings attached, so we've tried to make your life a little bit easier by telling you which US date hookup spots to check out when you want to get laid. We give you the low-down on how hookup culture started in the US, tell you which US hookup bars to check out when you're in the country, and break down city by city which US date hookup spots are the absolute best. We know that hooking up isn't as easy as it seems, but it doesn't have to be hard either - you just have to know where to look!

Don't waste your time in just any bar trying to hook up - consult our comprehensive list of the best US hookup bars where you're almost guaranteed to find someone to take home!


History On US Hookup Bars

When you think of hookup culture, you probably don't think much further back than the 1990s, but really, it started long before. Casual sex and sex without relationships or commitments can be traced as far back as the 1920s, believe it or not! In those days, however, there was usually a paid element for the sexual acts, so it was more what we would consider prostitution at that time, than casual sex hookups. Society still frowned upon sexual openness and sexuality in general, so there wasn't a widely accepted practice of "hooking up" as we know it today. Still, though, this is where the concept first came from, and it's only continued to evolve since then.

US hookup bars really aren't as modern as you might think. These kinds of places used to be referred to as singles bars, and they originated in New York back in the 1960s. With the invention of the birth control pill, young men and women wanted places to go to meet and, essentially, hookup, which is where the need the US hookup bars came about. Still, it was the 60's, a very male-dominated society and not the most sexually open era (yet), so it was harder for men to meet women for the purposes of sex. That's when 28-year-old Alan Stillman had an idea; he was having trouble meeting women in his neighborhood, so he suggested to the owner of his favorite watering hole, The Good Tavern, that he clean the bar up a bit to attract more female clientele, in the hopes of meeting some single ladies in the bar. The owner wasn't so keen on the idea, so Stillman bought it from him in 1965, changed the name to Thank God It's Friday, and the rest is history! The name was later shortened to T.G.I. Friday's - which you may recognize!


After this one establishment opened as a US date spots hotspot, more and more bars opened with the intention of helping single men and women get together, mingle, and hookup. Heavily influenced by the rise in casual sex culture, states and cities all across the US saw singles bars popping up all over, making it much easier to meet other people for casual sex and hookups. Prior to these kinds of US hookup bars, people primarily met through mutual friends or set-ups. The opening of hundreds of US hookup spots across the country opened the door for hookup culture as we know it today!

By the 1990s, hooking up was the norm in US society, mostly among adolescents and college students, but everybody participates in the casual sex phenomenon. Believe it or not, hooking up is a broad term for many kinds of physical contact, not just actual sex. If you make out with someone you met in date hookup spot, then you've officially hooked up! Anything that you do sexually with a casual partner that you don't intend to commit to can be considered hooking up, so it's a lot easier to do than you might have thought! Hookup culture is more prevalent now more than it ever has been, and that's a great thing for everyone! Casual sex is an openly welcome part of society now, so it's easier to find then it was in the past.

15 Must-Visit US Date Hookup Spots

If you live in, or are travelling in, the United States, you probably want to check out some bars and get laid along the way. Lucky for you, we've made note of some of the must-see US hookup bars across the country! In no particular order, some of the places you don't want to miss if you're in these cities are as follows!

Beauty Bar

New York City, NY

Beauty Bar is a unique place as far as US hookup bars go. Located at 231 E 14th St., this bar/lounge has a live DJ, drinks flowing, and beauty treatments! It was originally a beauty bar and salon that was turned into a bar and beauty salon when it served its first cocktail in 1995, so you can get your nails done while you party and meet a date hookup or two! They have different beauty specials daily, so check out what's on when you visit. You won't find any date hookup spots like this anywhere.

Hotel Chantelle

New York City, NY

Hotel Chantelle is hugely atmospheric bar that's worth checking out even if you aren't looking for US date spots. Situated at 92 Ludlow St., this classic cocktail lounge features a hugely nostalgic feel. It's decorated to emulate glamorous 1940s lounges set in today's modern world. There's space for dining, drinking, and even a DJ booth for live events. There are two main areas to this bar - The Lobby, and the Rooftop. For classic elegance, hang out at The Lobby, for fresh-air and a modern setting, check out the Rooftop.


San Francisco, CA

The address for Jones is easy enough to remember, at 620 Jones Street. This is an indoor/outdoor restaurant and bar, with a heated outdoor patio! Serving Italian fare and a variety of drinks, this makes one of the top US dates spots to visit. It's usually pretty busy, so there are tons of potential hookups mingling about at pretty much any given time. The vibe is very laid-back and friendly, so you're odds are pretty good of meeting people who are down for a hookup, or a date! It's open until 2am on weekends, so you have a good amount of time to find your hookup before last call.

Bear Tooth Grill

Bear Tooth Grill

Anchorage, AK

Found at 1230 W 27th Ave., The Bear Tooth Grill is one of Anchorage's top US hookup bars and tops the list of most popular restaurants in the city. The vibe is extremely chill, with hand-made pizza and more to enjoy while you scope out your next hookup. They sell microbrews, wine, and all kinds of casual dining dishes. You can find live concerts here from time to time as well. Their food is all locally sourced (because, Alaska) and always fresh, so you get the good stuff when you visit this date hookup hotspot.

Harlan Social

Harlan Social

Stamford, CT

Harlan Social, located at 121 Towne St., is a chic wine bar with an art deco feel. This is a good place to come for some drinks if you're looking for US date spots, or you can meet hookups mingling in the bar. They offer weekly specials for food and drink, so there's always something new going on. It has a gasto-pub vibe, so it's nothing too fancy, but it makes for a more upscale place to go if that's what you're after. If you want to impress a hookup date, you definitely want to consider taking them here.

Barcelona Wine Bar

Atlanta, GA

This rustic style bar can be found at 240 North Highland Ave NE, and specializes in tapas-style Spanish and Mediterranean food and wines. They boast over 400 varieties of wine, so they know what they're talking about when it comes to vino. There's a wraparound patio that you can enjoy, and share meals and snacks with your date hookup while you feel things out. It's an upper-scale casual dining place, so it makes for the perfect date hookup spot in terms of atmosphere and amenities. Wine lovers will feel right at home here, and if you're date hookup is a wine aficionado, you want to take them here.

Three Dots and a Dash

Chicago, IL

Three Dots, found at 435 N Clark St., is a retro Polynesian Island style bar and restaurant with flaming cocktails and luau foods. It's a super popular date hookup spot for Chicago residents, so expect a crowd! They boast more than 200 kinds of rum alone, so this is somewhere that you'll have to try to control your drink intake if you're trying to impress a date hookup, or you two can go nuts together! They're open until 2am through the week, and 3am on Saturdays. Prices are reasonably cheap as well, so you won't be emptying your wallet when you buy potential hookups drinks here.

Hilltop Tavern

Hilltop Tavern

Louisville, KY

The Hilltop (1800 Frankfort Ave.) is one of the more casual US hookup bars; it's an all-American pub where you can play ping pong, enjoy the game, and cruise for hookups all at the same time! It's a great place to chill out, have some drinks and grub, and see who your next sexual conquest is going to be. They're open until 4am most nights, so you can come and grab a burger with your hookup date post-sex - you've probably worked up an appetite after-all! If you're in town for more wholesome reasons, it's still a definite must try.


Boston, MA

This hookup bar at 327 Newbury St., has a great view of Newbury and classy decor. It's a bistro with French influence, what's described as an "eclectic" international menu, and lots of drinks to go with it. This is one of the hottest US hookup bars in Boston, so if you're in the area and looking for some company, check out the scene here. It's always bustling with all kinds of locals looking for a good time and good food, so you have great odds of going home with someone you didn't arrive with when you dine here.

Stella's Lounge

Stella's Lounge

Grand Rapids, MI

Stella's, located at 53 Commerce Ave SW, is worth checking out no matter what you're in town for. Whether you want to hookup or just hang out, this is the perfect spot for it. It's an retro 80s style hangout, with arcade games and graffitied walls to round out the theme. This isn't just an arcade bar though, they're serious about their cocktails too - they offer more than 200 whiskeys, so if you're looking for US hookup bars to meet people for sex, or to take someone on a hookup date, hit this place up.

Psycho Suzi's Motor Lounge & Tiki Garden

Minneapolis, MN

If you're somewhere around 1900 Marshall St NE, stop by Psycho Suzi's. It's a famous, Polynesian style hangout with a ton of liquor, interesting decor, and classic American food. This is one of the city's main US hookup bars because it's always filled with fun-loving people. It's a busy place, so except to have to wait a little bit at the bar. Sit on the riverside outdoor patio with your date hookup and really set the mood. This is a great place for a fun night - you can come for dinner, drinks, and the crowd of potential hookups!

Encore Beach Club

Las Vegas, NV

Located on the Vegas strip at 3131 S Las Vegas Blvd, this cabana bar is the most perfect hookup date bar you can find. It's got all kinds of half naked sexy people in and around the pool! This is an all hours, indoor/outdoor club, with a massive pool and cabanas all over for party-goers who need more privacy. If you're in Vegas and you're looking for US hookup bars, you absolutely cannot miss this one. It's the one place that you're practically guaranteed to meet someone for casual sex, so anyone who wants to get laid in Vegas, try your luck here!

The Bye and Bye

The Bye and Bye

Portland, OR

One of Portland's most popular hot spots and date hookup bars, The Bye and Bye (1011 NE Alberta St.) doubles as a hipster paradise. It's one of the top rated vegan bar/restaurants in Portland, so regardless of what you're in town for, stopping in here is a must do. It's artsy and dimly lit, so it creates the intimacy for you! Their food is southern-inspired vegan, so it's not the typical vegan fare you'd get at just any old place. They also have a huge outdoor patio, so you have lots of space to scope out your next hookup here!


Seattle, WA

There's a unique place at 1118 E Pike St., and it's a carnival style bar called Unicorn! This is the mecca of US hookup bars in Seattle, so you don't want to miss this experience. It's an all-around good time when you come here, because you can play arcade games upstairs, or check out live shows downstairs! There are ongoing events on the downstairs stage, so check with the website to see what's happening when you plan to visit. The more people who are gathered, the better your chances of finding hookups, and a place like this is never empty!

The Carousel Bar & Lounge

The Carousel Bar & Lounge

New Orleans, LA

The Hotel Monteleone at 214 Royal St. hosts an extremely unique bar that you must check out when you're in New Orleans. The Carousel isn't just a namesake - the bar actually rotates like a carousel! This is a classic bar in the city, open and spinning for more than 65 years, and it's always packed with revellers, so it's a fantastic place to come and meet some hookups. This is one of the most unique US hookup bars in the country, if for nothing other than the fact that it moves! This place has been voted one of top 20 bars in the world, so it's an ideal date hookup spot for sure.

Straight Woman

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Top US Date Hookup Spots By City

Wherever you are in the United States, there's a hookup bar for you to visit. We took each of the most major cities in the country, and listed their top bars for casual sex and hookups. You'll always know where to go when you want to get laid after you read this, so pay attention and take note!

US Hookup Bars : ATLANTA

"Get into the melting pot of Atlanta's nightlife and have some fun, allowing yourself to choose the best Atlanta date spots that are right for you. The nightlife scene in Atlanta is vibrant and doesn't seem to be slowing down. It is filled with options for some amazing Atlanta…"

US Hookup Bars : AUSTIN

"Austin has a long history of nightlife. There have always been bars in Austin. People have been going out there since it was a city. It began in the late 1800s with the German beer halls, which were so much fun that the tradition of drinking beer still exists today…"

US Hookup Bars : BOSTON

"The dance club scene in Boston, today, has a high source of energy coming from the gyrating bodies that engage in all types of dance moves. It has always been like that and so history has maintained its entertainment stature for the Boston dance crowd. Lansdowne Street is known for…"

US Hookup Bars : CHICAGO

"Many of them are not strangers to club life because Chicago is definitely the tippling city that knows how to show you a good time. Chicago takes pride in its copious bars at the vanguard of the cocktail culture. That is not even enough as the city is touted as…"

US Hookup Bars : CLEVELAND

"While Cleveland doesn't quite have the pull of bigger cities like NYC or San Francisco, it really does pull its weight in the region, and you can be assured that not only will you you have a great time here whatever you are doing, you are also pretty much guaranteed…"

US Hookup Bars : COLUMBUS

"In Columbus, there are in excess of thirty microbreweries, many of which can be found close to the downtown area. There is just something quite special when you dress up and go out to hang out, whether to grab drinks at a bar or see a show. The theater district…"

US Hookup Bars : DALLAS

"If you want to know where the bustling nightlife scene of Dallas was born, look no further than Deep Ellum, a commercial district on Dallas's eastern downtown area. The first cotton gin factory was started here in 1888, and jazz and blues exploded in the area from the 20s through…"

US Hookup Bars : HOUSTON

"Texas honky tonks have been a staple of the nightlife since time began - or at least, since Houston began. The gay scene has really blossomed in the last 40 years as well, and there is a general acceptance of LGBT folks throughout the city. Straight or gay, Houston has hosted…"

US Hookup Bars : LAS VEGAS

"It has a thriving casino industry, as most people know, but the clubbing scene is also pretty hot in Las Vegas, as is the bar scene. has selected some of the very best places to socialize and meet someone tonight. Looking for a date and you don't know which…"

US Hookup Bars : LOS ANGELES

"It is easy to turn your head to one side and see someone else that you would love to date, but to stay focused; it might help to go to one of the date hookup spots. While you may not be the most successful or richest individual alongside all those…"


"Minneapolis has always had an amazing music scene. There are many stories of the boisterous bar culture that was once a part of the scene in the Twin Cities. This apparently is still the same today. Many people back then went to smoky taverns in the neighborhood and oak panelled…"

US Hookup Bars : NEW YORK CITY

"Women have always outnumbered men in New York City. So, men would consider themselves king and unique entity that were always in demand. The ideal way that people were accustomed to dating in the Big Apple was to keep the date as casual as possible. Before taking a man or…"

US Hookup Bars : OAKLAND

"It all really started in West Oakland in the 1920s when Seventh Street became a cultural hub. In the 40s and 50s, it became a haven for jazz and blues artists and West Coast Blues came into being. From the 50s onwards, Seventh Street began its slow decline, pushing Oakland’s…"


"If you are looking to have a nice night out then Pittsburgh is considered the premier location for nightlife. You will have many options of Pittsburgh date hookup bars where you can hear all types of music from the 70s right up to the present time. If you want…"


"If you are open minded, you will fare well in this city because you can do whatever you want with whomever you want. Once you land a date, you will always find several date spots San Francisco has to offer. In the past, jazz clubs were the norm, but…"

US Hookup Bars : SEATTLE

"The first thing you'll notice about Seattle, and something that sets it apart from some other American cities, is that it LOVES its own products. if you order a beer, a cocktail, even a bottle of wine here, you are almost always going to find yourself drinking something that…"

US Hookup Bars : TAMPA

"Clubs could not keep serving liquor after 3AM and so since Simons had mostly college that did not care that much about liquor, this dance club kept their doors open until as long as 7AM when people would get tired and stream out. You would find people engaging in ecstasy…"

Ultimate Guide To US Date Hookup Spots

Need to know where to take your date hookup in the US? has you covered! We made a guide to all the top US date hookup spots in the country!

Ultimate Guide To US Date Hookup Spots