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Finally-the part you really want to see! Directly below, you will find our complete directory listing of all the best relationship forum and sex forum sites online! All you need to do is click on the category or sub-category that interests you and you will be instantly directed to a new page which contains our top ten sex forum site choices for that category (or sub-category)! Want to dive into a sex forum site all about MILFs? It's there for the taking! Interested to see what a fetish sex forum site might be all about? Check it out-it's easy! Whatever can of relationship advice forum or sex advice forum you are into, you will find the best of the best ones here!


Your Ticket To The Best Relationship & Sex Forums Online Is Right Here!

Hello, there! Are you looking for a great sex forum or relationship forum to be a part of? Are you having trouble finding anything even half-decent as you sift through all of the crappy sex forums out there? Are you just about ready to give up hope of ever finding a relationship forum that can actually provide you with what you need? You are not alone. Time and time again we hear from people just like you who are frustrated with all of the garbage forums sites out there and can't help but tell themselves, "There has to be a better way!. Well, there is a better way, and you have found it. Finding a great sex forum or relationship forum is not the easiest thing in the world, but with FreeHookups' list of the Best Sex Forum Sites, it can be!


Here on, we have scoured the web for every piece of relevant sex forum information AND done hours upon hours of our own personal first-hand research in order to bring you the definitive compiled directory listing of the best relationship and sex forums online. You have put enough of your time into this task already, so give yourself a pat on the back and get ready to just sit back and relax! In our directory listing (which you can find by scrolling down a wee bit), you will find ONLY the best of the best relationship and sex forum sites-no scams, no fakes, no filler, no fluff!

On the rest of this page, you can expect to find the definition of both internet forums and relationship and sex forums specifically, a point-by-point guide of the benefits of sex and relationship forum sites, and-of course-our complete relationship and sex forum directory. If you have already read this much of what we have written, then it is pretty plain and easy to see that you are interested in this topic! So, dive in! Read on and find out everything you have ever wanted to know (plus everything you never knew you wanted to know!) about relationship and sex forum sites!


What Are Internet Forums?

Chances are if you have found your way to this page looking for sex forums, you probably already know what online internet forum sites are. However, just to be extra certain that we are all on the same page, we are going to cover the definition right here, right now. Online internet forums (also known as message boards) are websites built specifically to accommodate and encourage discussions via the posting of text messages. In the case of relationship forum sites or sex forum sites, these discussions will focus around relationships and sex, respectively.


You might be thinking that online forums are similar to online chat rooms-and, in some ways, they are-but they differ in a few very significant ways. Unlike chat rooms, the posted messages of online forum sites are generally more that one line of text. Also unlike chat rooms, the posted messages of online forum sites are almost always archived to the site so that they can be accessed at any time in the future. Chat rooms, on the other hand, are built more for rapid-fire, instant communication with a history that disappears from your browser as soon as you leave the site.

Online forums also have their own specific set of jargon used to describe aspects of their construction, function, and use, which can make sex forum sites hard to understand if you are not in the know. That's all part of online forums though, right? So, don't worry-we won't leave you hanging. We'll go over some of those terms right now:

On the homepage of basically any kind of forum site online you will find yourself looking at a list. This list contains the "categories" of the forum and is what users utilize to navigate through the forum. For example, a forum's categories might be something like Sports, Movies, Books, and Music. By clicking on any one of those categories, you know that you will be entering the area of the forum where other users are having discussions based around that category. On a sex forum, the categories would be something more like Interracial Sex, BDSM Sex, LGBT Sex, Sexual Fetishes, Sexual Fantasies, and so on.
When you enter a category page, you will see one of two things: 1. You will see a list of "threads" (see below for that definition). Or, 2. You will see a list of "sub-forums". Sub-forums are essentially categories within a category-why they are not called "sub-categories", we could not tell you! For example, if you entered the "Music" category of a forum site, you might find a list of sub-forums such as Rock, Blues, Metal, Classical, and Jazz. Further, these sub-forums could have their own sub-forums. For example, the sub-forum page for "Rock" could contain a list of sub-forums such as Progressive Rock, Classic Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Glam Rock, and Punk Rock. On a sex forums, an example of sub-forums-let's say, for the "BDSM Sex" category-could be something like Bondage, Torture, Master & Slave, Sadism, and Masochism. From there, you could get sex forum sub-forums like Bondage Equipment, Bondage Clothing, Bondage Techniques, and Bondage Safety for the "Bondage" sub-forum. From there, you could get sex forum sub-forums liken Lingerie, Leather, Latex, Rubber, and PVC for the "Bondage Clothing" sub-forum. The list goes on and on! As long as there are further ways to break up the category, sub-forums can continue on like this for many levels. Most often, though, there are between one and three levels of sub-forums.
Once you reach the end of categories and sub-forums, you will find yourself looking a a list of "threads". Simply put, each thread (sometimes also called a "topic") is a distinct and separate conversation or discussion. So, if you were to start a new conversation or discussion on an internet forum, you would call it a "thread" or a "topic". Each thread will be identified by a title or header, which the creator has given it, that offers a summary of the intended discussion within. Some examples of thread titles on the "Latex" sex forum sub-forum might be "Advice For First Time Latex Use?", "How To Tell Your Partner You Are Into Latex", "Where Can I Find The Best Latex Porn?", and "Where To Buy The Best Latex Online". In order to view or participate in a discussion, you will need to click on the title of its thread. Once inside, you will see anywhere from one post to thousands of posts (see next definition), generally displayed from oldest to newest.
A "post" on an online forum site is a user-submitted message-either the start of a new thread or a comment added to an existing one-that appears within an enclosed block which also contains their username, avatar image, and time that the message was posted. In threads, these posts appear one after the other, forming a chain of logical and chronological messages and making up a discussion. The first post in a thread is often referred to as the "OP" or "original post".
User Groups
"User groups" are just that: groupings of online forum users. There are four different kinds of user groups, each with their own attributes, privileges, and rights. The first kind is Guests or Visitors. When you are on a sex forum site, prior to becoming a member, this is the user group you will fall into. This user group can view categories, sub-forums, threads, and posts, but cannot they cannot leave any messages of their own. The second kind is Registered Members. When you sign up for an account on a sex forum site, this will then be the new user group that you fall into. This user group has their own profiles, can view all areas of the sex forum site, can start threads or add posts, and can send private messages to other users. The third group is Moderators. Also known as "mods," this user group is comprised of users who are granted the ability to modify threads and posts for the purpose of keeping all sex forum discussions free of spam and off-topic content. On top of being able to do everything that the registered members user group can do, this user group can also: delete, merge, move, or split up posts and threads; lock, rename, and pin threads; and ban, suspend, unban, unsuspend, and warn other users. The fourth group is Administrators. Also known as "admins," this user group is made up of users who handle all the technical details of the running of a sex forum site. They are able to do all the things that registered members and moderators can do, but they can also promote (or demote) members to (or from) moderator or admin status, manage the rules of the sex forum, create categories and sub-forums, perform database operations, and make forum-wide announcements.

What Can You Get Out Out Of Relationship & Sex Forums?

If you are new to relationship and sex forums, you may not fully comprehend all the amazing benefits and advantages they hold. That's okay though... we're here to teach you! Check it out:



Relationship forum sites and sex forum sites are GREAT places to find advice. Whether you create your own thread requesting some advice, or you browse through past threads and pick up advice you never knew you needed, these relationship and sex forums are full of all kinds of people, from all over the world, who have advice on every kind of relationship and sex there is!


Just like with advice, relationship forum sites and sex forum sites are FULL of the answers to almost any question you can imagine! If you aren't ready to become a member just yet, you can search the sex forums for other members who may have already had the same query as you. If you are a member, it is as simple as starting a new thread with your question as the title! The answers will come rolling in in no time!


Relationship forum sites and sex forum sites have a lot of serious and straight-forward questions and discussions, sure, but they also have a lot of fun, silly, interesting, and laughable conversations, too! You can follow threads all about embarrassing sex stories. You can participate in a thread polling user's favorite sex positions. You can indulge other users in a game of "How Hot Was The Last Commenter Between 1 And 10". Sex forums are chock-full of hours of entertainment.



Aside from letting you start threads and create posts, most relationship forum sites and sex forum sites also allow you to send private messages to other members. This can help you to build deeper connections that you would by simply commenting on someone's thread or replying to their post.


Looking to get your rocks off? Most relationship forum sites and sex forum sites have dozens of threads dedicated to sexually explicit photos, videos, links, and more! Again, a quick search of the sex forums can dig up what you are looking for, or you can start a thread yourself and ask for other members favorite content for your favorite fantasy, fetish, or turn on!

The Best Sex Forum Sites On The Web

Finding a great sex forum or relationship forum is not the easiest thing in the world, but with FreeHookups' list of the Best Sex Forum Sites, it can be!

The Best Sex Forum Sites On The Web