Signs That You Are A Lesbian





Five Signs You Are A Lesbian

We all go through difficult times, as we navigate through the relationship aspect of life. This isn't easy, and there are some factors that can make it even more difficult to navigate. If you've been questioning your sexuality lately, and you're wondering if you might be a lesbian, we've got some excellent gay relationship advice, to help you tackle some of these difficult questions, and start making some sense out of things. First thing's first, and this will be repeated throughout this article - relax and take your time. There is no timeline for when you need to have this figured out, and you are perfectly entitled to take all of the time you need. There are lots of sources for advice out there, and many different approaches you can take to recognizing the signs, to help you determine whether or not you are a lesbian. Use the resources that are available to you, as you navigate your way through this process, and remember that this journey won't be a straight line - no pun intended. Be open to it, and trust yourself.


With all of the relationship advice out there, it can be difficult to narrow down the selections that will best apply to you and your current situation. Be sure that you're looking at sources that you know are credible. When you find a source that maybe you hadn't tried before, and you find that the information is useful to you, continue using that source, especially if they post regular information. Consider joining certain forums. These communities can be very helpful, offering encouragement and support, to those who are struggling to recognize the signs, and discover whether or not they are a lesbian. Remember that lots of people have been through this, are going through it, and will go through it, so there is always a strong support system available to you, even if it exists outside of your regular circle of friends and family. Sometimes, these folks can be even better at helping you find your way, because they'll be able to relate through their personal experiences, and will likewise be able to share those experiences with you, which will be incredibly helpful. An outsider looking in, who has experienced what you're experiencing, can be your greatest source of strength and comfort as you move forward. They will understand you, and they will also be able to help point you in the right direction, more so, perhaps, than someone who has not experienced the same uncertainties in life. We've always got some great advice to offer you, here.

Signs You Are A Lesbian

#1. You Think About Women - A Lot

This may seem like it's too broad to help you narrow things down, but it is a great way for you to take the first step, and open the door to thinking more about this. If you do think about women a lot, then there is surely some level of attraction there that is absolutely worth exploring. Take notice of how you feel and what you're thinking about, when you're in the presence of women. Do you think about women sexually? Do their feminine characteristics appeal to you? Are you getting more out of your interactions with women in your day-to-day life? These are all things that you can consider, and if you're often having these thoughts towards women, and you're noticing that you're thinking about women a lot, then there is a lot to consider here. Take the process a step further, and start exploring these thoughts with women. See where it goes, and be open to whatever might happen as you take this step.

#2. You Don't Feel Physical Attraction Towards Men

Now this doesn't necessarily mean that you are a lesbian, but if you feel no physical attraction towards men, and you're here reading this article, there is some serious soul searching that needs to start happening, because you can't make yourself feel attracted to someone if you are simply not attracted to them. There could be a lot of reasons why men are not attractive to you at this time. It could be a bad break-up that you went through with a guy, it could be bad childhood experiences, it could be any number of things. If you're feeling as thought you want a relationship though, and you're comfortable with all of the past events you've experienced, and you're still not feeling attracted to men, chances are that you could very well be attracted to women. Maybe you've never thought about it before, because, well, you just haven't. Maybe you haven't let yourself think about it before, because it's something that you're not quite sure how to deal with, and you're feeling a bit afraid. Remember, you don't have to have a, 'coming out' party right away, just because you've started to ask yourself these questions. You can take as much time as you need to come to a conclusion on this...and then you can plan the party!

#3. You Do Feel Physically Attracted To Women

Again, this may not necessarily mean that you are a lesbian, you may be bisexual, but if you're feeling attracted to women sexually, with no physical attraction to men, then it's a pretty safe bet that you are a lesbian. If you find yourself having sexual thoughts about women frequently, and you're checking women out when you're at public places, at work, etc, then it's perfectly safe to say that you are, at the very least, bisexual. So, that much can be figured out for sure at this point. Whether or not you are a lesbian is a question that goes a step further, and may take much more time to figure out. Give yourself the time you need to go through these motions, and if you're attracted to women, start spending more time with women that you find attractive, and see where it goes. Obviously straight and/or married women will not be the ideal women to do this with, so be open to meeting women who are lesbians or are bisexual, and see where things end up leading you. You're sure to have some incredible encounters along the way, and you'll definitely learn a lot.

#4. Are You Concerned About Being Judged?

A lot of times, when we are trying to figure things like this out in our lives, we tend to think a little bit too much about what others are thinking, when we should really be focused on what we think. This line of thought can make it incredibly difficult for you to really find the answer you need here, and in the beginning stages especially, it's best to keep these thoughts at bay, because they are not going to be of any service to you, as you move forward. This is the time to worry only about WHAT YOU THINK, and put the worry about what others may think as far out of your mind as possible. Should you come to the conclusion that you are a lesbian, and you decide to move forward and make it known, you can deal with that potential at that time. As you make your way through this confusing time, however, just pay attention the the signs that you need to, and be completely honest with yourself. At the end of the day, it really doesn't matter what anyone else things anyhow, and chances are that the people around you will be completely supportive. So, move forward through this journey with that thought in your mind. Assume the best of people, and give yourself the time you need to find out what you need to. Sometimes, it's necessary to be a bit selfish during these times, and that's perfectly okay!

#5. Who Do You Picture Yourself With?

When you take a look at your romantic future, what does it look like to you? Who do you see beside you, and most importantly, how do you honestly imagine yourself being the happiest? These are all very important things to consider when you're coming to terms with your sexuality, and if you picture the love of your life being a woman, then it's probably the case that you are a lesbian, and from this point forward, the important thing to ask yourself, is going to be how you will go about dating and relationships, going forward. If you don't know the answer to this question, then that's okay as well. You don't have to have the answer right now, but as you navigate through this time in your life, take pause now and then, and revisit this question. It may take a while, and/or meeting the right person for you, before you you find out the answer to this one, and that's a-ok. Take your time, and ride it out. Give yourself all of the time you need to think about things, and discover all of your feelings. This time can be equally confusing for both young folks and adults alike, because all of these feelings are so overwhelming to begin with. The last thing you're going to want to do, is put any unnecessary pressure on yourself, in addition to what you're already navigating your way through. You don't need to have the answers right now.

It's time to start getting a bit excited about this time in your life, whatever your age might be, because when you take out all of the external distractions - like other people, and what they might think, etc - you can take the time to let yourself explore this important question, and enjoy the process. It's sure to be a great learning experience, and you're sure to have a lot of fun as you go through the motions of figuring out where you stand. When it gets overwhelming, give yourself a chance to breathe, and don't take on more than you can handle in a day, in terms of overthinking. It's not going to help the situation in any way at all. Reach out to those with whom you are the closest, and who you can trust the most. These people know you, and they have the advantage of being on the outside looking in, when always seems to be the easiest way for us to see situations clearly, and generally offer the best advice we can. If you're not ready to talk to anyone in your immediate circle, that's totally okay, too. There are lots of counselors and therapists who are available for you to speak who can help you find the answer to this, and they've got the experience and skills to help you navigate your way through this time with some great advice. This might be the best first step, if you're still confused, and not feeling ready to include your friends and family as of yet.

This is a time when it's important to take a completely relaxed approach, and let the chips fall where they may. Deciding who we're going to end up with is difficult for anyone, at any time, but when you have this incredibly important question to consider, on top of everything else, it can make a difficult time even more difficult, and that's simply not necessary. Be yourself, be open to whatever the outcome may be. Allow yourself to picture all of the possibilities, and be completely open to them. The answers will come when you're ready for them, and in the meantime, you can breathe, and take your time as you find your way to the answer. Remember to keep things simple, and not to over analyze anything, just let your mind wander every now and then, and ask yourself, "who do I see myself ending up with?" Sooner or later, a picture is sure to start forming, and even if it doesn't, that's okay. You'll know when you meet that person, and if it's a woman, then that's your answer. None of this is easy to make your way through, and this is a very important question, of course. Remember to take it easy on yourself, as you navigate your way through this, and give yourself all of the time you need, as well. There is no timeline, there are no rules, just do what feels right to you, and TAKE YOUR TIME.

Taking The First Steps

Now it's time for you to take the first steps towards finding out if you are a lesbian. Hopefully this piece has helped to get you on the right track towards noticing the signs, and knowing some of the right questions to ask yourself. You will absolutely figure this out. It may take some time, but you'll get it, and you'll find your way to where you're meant to be. Nothing in life is ever easy where love and relationships are concerned, and that's absolutely okay. If it were that easy, we'd be born with an instruction manual that explains everything to us as we make our way through each step in life. If only, right? If it were that easy though, we wouldn't have the opportunity to enjoy the journey for all it's worth, and that is why were here, after all.

You're On Your Way

This may not be the easiest answer you ever search for in life, but then again, maybe it will be. The answer may have been right in front of you for a long time, but you need to take a few extra steps to find out for sure, so that you can change the course of your life, and find the happiness that you absolutely deserve. Keep your eyes open as you move forward. You may be confirming something that you already know, or exploring something for the first time. Whatever the case, you're on your way to finding the answers you need.


Be Honest With Yourself

At the end of the day, you will ultimately be the only person who can answer this question either way. It's definitely great to have all of this great info that's readily available, as it can be incredibly helpful when it comes to helping you ask yourself some of the harder questions, and you need to ask yourself these questions. It's important that you are honest with yourself, and that you're open to the possibility that you may be a lesbian. In the meantime, don't fret. There's lots of information to draw from out there, and it's sure to be of assistance to you, as you navigate this tricky time. At the end of the day, whatever your answer is, remember to love yourself just as you are, and you're sure to find someone else who loves you the same way.

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5 Signs You Are A Lesbian

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5 Signs You Are A Lesbian