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Here Are Some Signs That You Are Dating A Gay Guy - Relationship Advice For Women

We've got some of the best relationship advice you'll find anywhere, and we have some great advice for you right here, to help you determine if the guy you're dating is gay. In addition to reading the information we have provided, it's always a great idea to spend time taking a look through other various sources of information, as well. When it comes to determining something like this, it's always a great idea to have as much information as possible, and weigh through all of the relationship advice you possibly can. This is a big question, and before you decide to confront your guy with it, you need to make sure that you are prepared with as much information as possible, and that you understand as much as possible.


You are definitely going to need the best relationship advice for women that is available right now. If you have some VERY TRUSTWORTHY friends and/or family members that you can talk to about this, particularly if you know they've gone through something similar, it would be a great idea to reach out to these folks to get their advice and feedback. You never know what they may have noticed from their perspective, and when it comes to something as important as determining if your guy is gay, the more advice you can manage to get, the better. At the same time though, this is a very, very sensitive issue, and even if it turns out that your guy is gay, that doesn't mean that he wants everyone around him knowing about it. Should you discover that he really is gay, remember that even though this is a very big deal to you, and probably even a bit of a blow, it's even more so for him, and the fact that he's dating a woman when he is gay, is probably a good indicator that he's not ready to be outed. Bear in mind, as well, that he could also be bisexual, and if that’s the case, you'll need to determine where you stand with that. Some women and men are very comfortable with their partner being bisexual, and others aren't as open-minded. This is something that you'll want to take some time to consider before approaching him. In the meantime, here is some of the best relationship advice to help you figure this out.

Signs You Are Dating A Gay Guy

#1. Who Does He Check Out When You're Out With Him?

It's a rare situation where you can go out in public with any man and not have them check out other women. When you're out with him, though, is he checking out other women? Have you ever taken the time to notice who he is checking out? Some of us get so comfortable and oblivious at times, that we know men have wandering eyes, - hey, our's wander, too - but are we paying attention to who it is that he's checking out? Is he checking out other men? This could be something worth paying attention to. Sure, guys will often eye each other up in social situations, you know, like a dominance thing. If he's eyeing-up other guys though, and especially if you notice other guys eyeing him up as well, then you may very well be dating a gay guy. Gay men have a pretty good sense of who else in the room is gay, so if you notice that other men are checking out your guy, and looking for some sort of a response, then they might be noticing something about your man that you simply haven't noticed - this is worth paying attention to. Keep an eye out the next time the two of you are out together, and see who he's looking at - and who's looking at him. You might end up being very surprised!

#2. Fashion And Physical Appearance Are Incredibly Important To Him

This one might sound a little bit stereotypical, and, to an extent, that might be true. Sure, there are a lot of guys that fit under the 'metro' category, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with a man who takes pride in his physical appearance. We all want to be with a guy who looks good, and we all certainly enjoy being with a man who is very attractive. There probably isn't a human being in existence who wouldn't like having an attractive partner, let's be honest. At the same time, though, there are a few things that might be important to consider. While these are not necessarily guarantees that your boyfriend is gay, they are indeed things that are worth considering.

If he has a closet that is filled with designer clothing, and he has 4 of what appear to be the exact same belt, yet each seem to yield some type of distinct difference to him, this could be a sign that your boyfriend is gay. Again, this is not a for sure way to measure this, but look at it this way; how many straight men do you know that pay the same amount of attention to their fashion sense? Chances are the number is very small...or non-existent. Likewise, if you're a woman who likes to look really good, and you find that you're always waiting on your guy to finish getting ready once you're finished, you should probably take this into consideration. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a man taking pride in his appearance, but when it gets to the next level, then you should probably consider that the man you're dating may be gay.

#3. He Seems To Appreciate The Attention Of Other Men Over Women

Well, this sounds a bit strange, and maybe it could be that he simply trusts the men around him to be honest with him, or boost his ego when he's looking great, or enjoying success. If he seems to take the validation he receives from men to heart a lot more than the validation he receives from women, it could be because he actually prefers the attention of men. This is something to think about, and if you're not sure, then ask yourself how you feel when you are receiving compliments from people. Of course it feels great to be complimented and praised by our friends, but there is, you have to admit, a bit of an ego boost that goes along with receiving a compliment from men when you are a straight woman. That being said, it's fair to ask some questions when the man you're with is very keen on receiving compliments from other men, and he reacts to these compliments in a way that you can recognize in yourself. If you can draw that parallel, chances are very real that you are dating a gay guy. Nothing is necessarily a dead giveaway, but at the same time, there are probably some questions that you're going to want to ask if you notice that this is the case.

#4. He's Not Very Sexual With You

If a guy is very sexy, but he's not very sexual when it comes to you, even when you pull out all of the stops, you may be dating a gay guy. Sure, some men aren't always in a very sexual mood, and there are a lot of other reasons why that may be. It could be a stress related issue, it could also be a health related issue, as well. If this is an ongoing thing with him though, and he simply doesn't seem interested in having sex with you, or he likes to have a few drinks before you do get down to business, then it could very well be the case that he is gay. Don't necessarily jump to that conclusion, but take some time to think about it, because if he doesn't seem to be sexually attracted to you, no matter what you do to entice him, he might be gay.

Remember, men are very visual creatures. When they have sex, they generally like to see what's going on, and they enjoy the visual when they are with you. If he doesn't seem to derive any pleasure from how you look physically, then it could simply be that he's not physically attracted to women. If he's been very sexually attracted to you in the past, but seems to have lost interest, or is disengaged, that isn't necessarily an abnormal thing. If he's never really been that into you sexually, though, then you should probably take some time to ask yourself why that is, because straight men don't generally date women that they aren't interested in having sex with. It's worth taking some time to think about this, and to take a look at some relationship advice because it could be a very telling sign.

#5. He Has Some Questionably Close Relationships With Male Friends

This may seem like a bit of a stretch, but really, it isn't. If you've ever walked in on an awkward situation with your guy and another man, particularly a close friend of his, then this could be a sign that there's something more going on. It may not be the most obvious sign when it happens, but if a time comes where you do end up realizing that your man is gay, some of those encounters that you've happened to walk into, or have previously wondered about, will start to make a lot more sense. Again, being close with his friends does not mean that he is gay, but when you walk into a situation where he's privately speaking with a man in another room, or you happen to notice an exchange that raises an eyebrow, you should probably consider taking a closer look. It may not be the first thing that crosses your mind, but look at it this way; if he had behaved the same way, and he was doing so with another woman, what would your thoughts be? This is a good way to approach asking yourself this question, because if you look at his behavior, and you know that it would be upsetting to you if he were behaving this way with another woman, then this could be a sign that you are dating a gay guy.

Some other telltale signs that are along the same lines would be things like taking trips with a certain friend often. Sure, guys like to get away with their buddies and have a good time, and that is completely normal. If you're finding that there are one or two friends that he tends to travel with alone, and it raises some questions with you, then you should probably pursue these questions and take the possibility that he may be gay into consideration. How excited is he about the trip with his friend before he leaves, and what is his attitude like when he gets home again, and it's just the two of you? If he seems to be over eager for the trip, and he's really bummed out when he gets home, it could be because he's doing more on trips with his friend than you realize. There is a good possibility that you will have had some sort of a gut feeling about this either way, and that being the case, you need to listen to that feeling, and be open to taking a good look at the situation.

What Does Your Gut Tell You?

Women tend to have pretty good gut instincts, and when you're asking yourself questions like this about the man you're with, it's incredibly important that you take the time to listen to your gut. If you're asking yourself these questions now, and you've been with your man for a while, chances are that there have been some gut feelings you've had at one time or another that you may have chosen not to pay attention to, or that you couldn't really wrap your head around at the time. Now that you're in a situation where you're considering whether or not your man is gay, it's definitely time to start paying some exceptionally close attention to what your gut is telling you, because chances are that your gut is trying to let you know something very important. Our guts are usually pretty honest with us, and this would be a good time to go with it, and seek out some good relationship advice.

Has It Ever Come Up With Him?

If it hasn't come up with him as of yet, then this is probably a good time for you to consider asking him - and to be completely open and ready for the response. Whatever the answer is, it's likely going to be an emotional one, so be prepared for that, because you are going to take him about as far out of his comfort zone as one can possibly be when you question him about his sexuality. The best approach would be an understanding one, and one where you've created a safe place for him to answer. If you approach him in an accusing manner, or you are angry with him, then you're sure to be met with a lot of defensiveness, and that's not going to help either one of you. Of course, you wouldn't be asking him this question unless you legitimately felt that you have a reason to pose the question in the first place, but there's also the question of how he will respond if he isn't actually gay. Let's be honest, unless he is incredibly comfortable in his own sexuality, the answer could be a very defensive one, and it could end up meaning the end of your relationship. A straight man won't likely be comfortable being seen as gay in the eyes of his partner, so before you ask, it's a good idea to make sure that you've really thought it through, and have reflected deeply on all of the signs you've noticed.


Choose Your Approach Carefully

In all honesty, this is never going to be an easy topic for you to approach, so take care when you do. Think things through, and really plan your approach. It's our hope that we’ve has helped to shed some light on this for you, and that you feel comfortable asking your guy the question you need to. Don't forget to take a look at the other information out there that is available to you. Take your time to think about this, and approach it very carefully. Whatever the outcome, you'll be glad you know.

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Signs That You Are Dating A Gay Guy

If you suspect that you might be dating a gay guy, has got some advice for you to consider. Read on for some of our tips and information.

Signs That You Are Dating A Gay Guy