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Whether you're a UK native travelling around the country, or someone just visiting the area, you need to know where to find the best UK date hookup spots. Getting laid and having casual sex is important as anything else, but it can be tough to find when you're on the go and don't know the area. That's where we come in! We've got all the info on which bars and pubs you absolutely must visit if you're looking for a good time, and you're looking for sexy singles.


Find out some of the background on UK hookup bars, and get more info on hookup culture in general. Casual sex without any commitment is not a modern phenomenon, despite what a lot of people may think. Human beings have been having casual sex for centuries, it just hasn't always been called a "hookup". In the UK, casual sex is a huge part of youth culture, but it's happening more than ever with adults as well. You don't want to spend all of your time online when you're out and about, you can easily find people who are also looking for sex if you know where to go to meet them. We've got a ton of suggestions of the highest rated UK hookup bars where your odds of getting laid are the best.

We've done our best to make your life easier so you can have all of the fun without the hassle. You won't have to waste anymore time in bars that aren't patronized by casual sex-seekers if you're looking for people to hook up with. Using our guide to the best UK hookup spots, you'll know exactly where to go in what city, at what times, and what kinds of crowds you can expect when you get there. If you need somewhere to take a hookup date before you two have sexytimes, these bars and restaurants make great places to start the night as well.


History On UK Hookup Bars

You really can't talk about the history of a date hookup spot in Britain without talking about the history of the establishments themselves - in this case, the humble pub. Pubs, or public houses as they were known back in the day, are the very first places that alcohol was served, and people mingled while they drank. These places made it possible to hookup with people, even before the term "hookup" was around. The first pub was established in Britain sometime before the Middle Ages - exact origins are unclear, but it's no secret that Britons have enjoyed a good drink in a pub for centuries.


For whatever reason, hooking up is attributed to starting in North America, but that's simply not true. There would be no America if it wasn't for Britons, and there was casual sex happening long before then. As far as the history of UK hookup bars go, realistically, as long as there have been bars and pubs, there have people hooking up! Prostitutes would regularly use inns and pubs as their go-to locations to find Johns and provide their services. Under the classic definition of a hookup - an uncommitted sexual encounter - these could be considered some of the earliest examples of hookup culture in the United Kingdom.

The modern bar as we know it evolved from the public house beginnings, but there are still an abundance of pubs around the UK (and the world!) for when you want a cozier, more relaxed place to knock back a few pints while you look for your next hookup. Whatever the type of place it might be, the main point is that it's somewhere that a lot of people go to, they serve drinks (and possibly food), and you can mingle. When you're looking for a date hookup spot, it's essential that it's a place where singles go to have fun. Targeting these kinds of places guarantees that you're meeting like-minded people, which reduces your odds of striking out.

15 UK Date Hookup Hot Spots

Visiting a bunch of different areas of the UK? Don't worry about where to go to get laid - we've got you covered. Regardless of your reasons for being in the area, these places are worth checking out, but they're especially chosen because they're great hookup spots to meet new people. Obviously there are a number of bars and places to go in every city, but these are noteworthy for being great places to meet people when you're looking for casual sex. We've taken the guesswork out of going out and scoping partners. Check out these places to find hookup partners and a genuine good time.
The Southbank Bar

The Southbank Bar


Don't confuse this bar with it's Nottingham City location - you can find this bar at 1 Bridgford House in Nottingham proper. Both places are great UK hookup bars, but this one is the original! It's a very comfortable place with booths that have their own HD screens, a large patio, and live music shows. This is very busy place, because it's the most popular hangout and date hookup spot in Nottingham. The type of crowd varies, but everyone there is out to have a good time! Watch the game and enjoy a few pints with a bit of nosh, and scope out your next potential hookup date.


Old Street, London

Located at 129 City Rd., in Old Street London, Nightjar is a bit of old school class and glamour. It's a speakeasy style basement jazz bar, and it's almost always buzzing with lots of patrons. They host live jazz and blues show, with a ton of different kinds of cocktails and rare liquors. The atmosphere is perfect for meeting people and finding hookups, which is exactly why this is one of the top UK hookup bars in the country. Check the website for different shows and ongoing events before you visit, so you know what kind of potential hookup crowd you're in for.



You can find this bar/club combo at 54-56 Whitworth St W. It has an industrial style and modern feel, with a gin parlour to boot! They host live music on a stage, and you can get food here while you watch the show and check out the local talent! It's a unique place in terms of UK hookup bars, because have the option of chilling out, having a meal and some drinks with friends and mingling, or you can drink and dance and party - all at the same place. This is what makes it such a good place to find hookup dates - a variety of different people doing different things, but all out for a good time!

The Maze

The Maze


Found through the Forest Tavern pub at 257 Mansfield Rd., The Maze is locally famous live music venue and bar. This is an ideal UK hookup bar for music fans of all kinds. They host a mix of genres on their small stage, plus stand-up comedy, poetry and club nights. There's truly something for everyone at this venue, making it a great place to look for a date hookup. Grab a drink at the pub and continue your night at The Maze, mingling with all sorts of local artistic types.

Be At One Birmingham

Be At One Birmingham


This chain bar location at 4BJ, 20 Piccadilly Arcade really is a fantastic choice for UK hookup bars. Don't let the fact that its part of a chain scare you off - the vibe here is incredibly lively and friendly, with a ton of different kinds of cocktails to try. They also offer mixing masterclasses for aspiring bartenders, which another potential place to meet date hookups! The possibilities are practically endless for the kinds of people you'll mix and mingle with here. It's a fun party place where you'll always have a good time, and your odds of finding hookups are tops.

Small Bar

Small Bar


This pub at 31 King St., is a super cozy spot to have casual drinks with your date hookup. Enjoy the rustic decor and craft beer, which they have an abundance of, either draught or bottle. They also serve BBQ burgers and hot dogs, so you can have something to eat before you embark on your hookup date. The the perfect UK hookup bar for beer fans, because they specialize in the stuff, and serve a variety of options available in the UK. It's usually pretty busy, so you'll have lots of potential date hookup options to scope out.

The Cambridge Chop House

The Cambridge Chop House


You can find Cambridge's top chop house at 1 King's Parade, right at the corner. This is an upscale restaurant, so it's one of the best date hookup spots to find upper class folk, or to bring your date if you're trying to impress them. The dining room is in a vaulted cellar, which adds to the posh vibe of the place. You can get a variety of wines, beers, and cocktails to enjoy with a very traditional British menu. It makes a great first stop on a date hookup, because you get you set the tone, impress your date, and get in a good meal before things get crazy.




This Hanover Street club is the biggest party spot and UK hookup bar in Northern Britain. It's an all pop music bar that plays all the favorites from the 1990s up to now! They host frequent theme nights, and serve a ton of different cocktails. This atmosphere is the ideal kind for finding a hookup date. Everyone's out to party and have a good time, and these party-goers tend to be a friendly and welcoming crowd, so mingling won't be hard! They put on a ton of contests as well where you can win prize money of as much as £2000! Except a lot of young people and students - an even better date hookup scenario!

Mr Fogg's

Mayfair, London

Located at 15 Bruton Ln., this gin tavern has a ton of old-world charm and a very vintage feel. It serves as a pub as well as gin parlour, with a variety of cocktails to choose from. Its namesake is famed adventurer Phileas Fogg, and boasts to be his residence just prior to setting on his last adventure. The cozy, old-timey decor makes for a surprisingly good place to chat up a few people, potentially landing yourself a hookup! It's one of the more unique UK hookup bars on the list, but it attracts a large crowd regularly - lots of potential!

Dive NQ


You can't miss this mutli-purpose UK hookup bar on Tib Street / Oldham Street in the Northern Quarter. They're a bar/restaurant, nightclub, and private hire space all in one, which means it's always a great time. This party space is always full of people, so it's a wonderfully busy place to scope out a potential date hookup while you dine or dance - or both! It's one of only UK hookup bars where you can come for dinner, and stay well into the night. They offer all kinds of discounts and specials on food, and host a bunch of nightclub events throughout the year.

The Woods

The Woods


If you're visiting Bristol, head on over to 1 Park St Ave., and check out The Woods. They have an outdoor courtyard, and an interior that splits into two different rooms, each differently decorated and spaced. You can rent one of the spaces for private parties too! They serve a huge variety of cocktails and wine, but they're most known for their selection whiskey. Whatever room you choose to enjoy your drink in, you'll have a lot of date hookup options to choose from. This is a very busy place, which is one of the reasons its one of the top UK hookup bars.

No 32


In the heart of the city, at 32 Duke St., you'll find the #1 bar, restaurant, and nightclub. The building is a converted theatre space, so it's a large, airy space with a number of dining tables, bar, dance floor, and a piano for live jazz. They have a bunch of dining specials available too. This is another one of the few UK hookup bars where you can spend an entire evening and night - come for dinner, then stay and dance until the wee hours of the morning! They've also got Happy Hour specials, so you can easily find a hookup or two by mingling during peak times.

Anglesea Arms

South Kensington, London

15 Selwood Terrace hosts the Anglesea Arms, a traditional British alehouse with an outdoor terrace, and highly rated food and drinks. They offer a ton of different types of beers, ales, cocktails and wines, and are almost always busy. It's a great setting to mingle and look for date hookups without having to put in too much effort. It's a good place to take a date hookup if you want to impress them as well - one of two UK hookup spots on the list that's upscale and posh enough to do that! They play sports matches on TVs located around the pub as well, so you can look into getting laid while you're also watching the game.

Dead Wax Social


Visit this bar at 18A Bond St. to see why it's one of the top UK hookup bars. They offer live DJs spinning vinyls, and a huge selection of craft beers and pizza well into the night. They don't close until 2am during the week, and 3am on weekends, so you can find date hookups anytime of day or night here. The dimly lit atmosphere and super chill crowd make it really easy to meet new people and find potential hookups. It's got a dive bar feel but with a friendly and welcoming crowd, and without the dirt and dinge.

The Phene

Chelsea, London

Check out this classy lounge at 9 Phene St. in Chelsea. It's a beautiful and open space with a lounge bar, library themed dining room, and beach style outdoor terrace. The seating in this bar is very conducive to chatting with your table partners, so meeting potential new date hookups is simple. You'll feel like you're dining in a luxurious clubhouse while you enjoy your food and drink - not the mention the eye-candy around the room. It's a bustling place so you'd do well to make a reservation to be sure that you get a table. You can also go for casual drinks and see what's happening!

Straight Woman

Straight Man




City Directory Of Top UK Hookup Bars

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UK Hookup Bars : Brighton

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UK Hookup Bars : Cardiff

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UK Hookup Bars : Glasgow

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UK Hookup Bars : Hartlepool

"However, one fact was clear, though and that is most pubs were only allowed to be opened until 10:30PM. Not too long ago in Hartlepool, there were several pubs, bars and nightclubs that were a dominant part of the community. There are many nightclubs that stood the test of..."

UK Hookup Bars : Hull

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UK Hookup Bars : Leeds

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UK Hookup Bars : London

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UK Hookup Bars : Manchester

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UK Hookup Bars : Oxford

"You can expect to enjoy the obvious buzz in Oxford as it relates to nightlife. Thanks to student life and the University of Oxford, the bars and nightclubs are vibrant. If you want to find a place where you can have a glass of beer, go dancing or have a..."

UK Hookup Bars : Sunderland

"If you are new to the area and you like clubbing, dancing, drinking, listening to music and going to parties, then you will definitely love Sunderland's nightlife. Sunderland date hookup spots are usually popular among the student population too. Students will usually be seen more on the week nights..."

UK Hookup Bars : Wales

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Guide To The Best UK Date Hookup Spots

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