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The world of hookup sites can seem like a vast and scary place, but with FreeHookups.com's list of the Hottest Hookup Sites on the web, you will be fine! The fact that you are here on this page already proves that you are committed to doing your research and finding the best of the best before you go out and join any old hookup site! Just follow along with everything on this page and you will find yourself neck-deep in hookup site success in no time!

Your Three Step Guide To Choosing The Best Hookup Site For YOU

Here is our three step guide to choosing the best hookup site for you:

Step 1: Choose A Category

Step #1

General, Niche, LGBT, and BDSM. Those are the four categories you will find in our directory below. All you need to do is select the one that most accurately describes the kind of hookup site you are looking to find.


Step 2: Choose A Sub-Category

Step #2

Within each of our hookup site categories, you will find several sub-categories. For this step, you need to again select the one that most accurately describes the kind of hookup site that you are looking to find and click the applicable link.


Step 3: Choose A Hookup Site Or Hookup App

Step #3

Once you click the link, you will find yourself on a page with listings for our selection of the ten best hookup sites and hookup apps in that sub-category. Each listing gives a description of the hookup site and a list of its most attractive features. Read through each listing and choose a site that catches your eye and that has all the features that you are looking for in a hookup site. That's it!


Next Steps: What Are They?


Wow! Honestly, we can't believe you made it past all of those tantalizing hookup site links without clicking on a single one! If you are down here reading this though, we guess it means you need a little more information before you take the plunge. Don't worry-we've got you covered. Here are the next steps to take now that you have seen our extensive hookup site and hookup app directory:

Make Your Hookup Site Selection

Using the “Three Step Guide To Choosing The Best Hookup Site For YOU” we have given you above, you can easily follow the step-by-step process and locate the best potential hookup sites or hookup apps for your needs. Just scroll back up, read it through, and follow the steps we've laid out and you will find yourself with your hookup site selection in no time! Simple as that.

Jump Right In And Get Started-It's Easy!


Getting started on a hookup site or hookup app is probably easier than you are imagining it is. The registration process on almost every hookup site is basically the same: you hit the "Sign Up" button, you fill out your account information (they will usually ask for things like age, gender, birthday, location, email address, etc.), and BOOM-you're a member! Even when a hookup site's registration process varies, it is always explained easily and thoroughly right on the site! We can tell you this for sure because it is one the the things we tested before recommending any of the hookup sites or hookup apps in our directory!

It's Okay To Explore More Options

There is no shame in selecting a hookup site that isn't quite right for you. If you are not feeling the site that you have chosen, the solution is simple: just leave the site you are on and choose another one to try out! Heck, even if you are enjoying the hookup site you are on, you always have the option to explore additional hookup sites and hookup apps and see what they are all about! You may end up finding a site that you love a lot more, or you may end up finding that using two or three sites really gets you the best local hookups. The possibilities are endless!

Tips & Tricks:

Get The Most Out Of Your Time On Hookup Dating Sites

When you join a hookup site, you will realize quickly that there are men who know what they are doing and there are men who don’t know what they are doing. Make sure that you aren’t one of the ones who don’t know what they are doing. Below, we have listed our three biggest pieces of hookup site advice

Create A Detailed Profile With Great Photos

The first piece of advice we have for you is to create a detailed profile on your hookup site and make sure you have great photos to go along with it! Having a strong profile page is imperative to getting the most (and the best) hookups possible. If you start contacting other hookup site members with an empty profile and a placeholder photo, we can basically guarantee that you are not going to get any responses. So, what does it take to have a good, detailed profile? And what makes a profile photos a great one? Don't worry, we're here to tell you...

The first thing you want to do when you join any hookup site is to fill out your profile. A good rule of thumb for getting a well-detailed profile is to complete any and all categories, sections, or options that your particular hookup site profile may offer. Eye color? Fill it out. Height? Fill it out. Hobbies? Fill it out. You also want to be extra sure to fill out the sections that are pertinent to the type of hookup site that you have chosen. For example, on most hookup sites you can get away with not including your annual income, but if you are registered on a sugar daddy dating hookup site then you are not going to get very far without letting those potential sugar babies know what you can offer.

When it come to the ol' "About Me" section, you want to make sure you are clear and honest about who you are and what you are looking for. How will other members know that you are into one night stands, BDSM, exhibitionism, threesomes, or any other sexual interest if you don't tell them? The best way to find members who are into the same things as you are is to make sure it is listed in your profile!

OH, and Do. Not. Lie. It is always tempting to make yourself sound a little bit better on a hookup site profile, but trust us when we say that there are members online waiting for EXACTLY the person you are and not the person you want to be in your head. So, you're short! Who cares! If you don't put your real height in your profile then you will never meet the women on the site who are horny for shorter guys!

After you have addressed the information within your hookup site profile, you need to then turn your attention to your profile photos. Your photos are the very first impression that anybody is going to have of you, so you need to make sure that they are something that will turn heads and garner interest. DO include a clear photo of your face. DON'T include photos in bad or dim lighting. DO experiment and find your best angle. DON'T include a photo of your junk (ladies like a little mystery!). DO include photos of you doing your favorite activities. DON'T include photos where you are with a group of friends, or worse, an ex.

Use The Hookup Site Features To Your Advantage

The second piece of advice we have for you is to always use the hookup site (or hookup app) features to your advantage. This will make more sense to you once you have actually signed up for a site and are starting to browse through the features they offer, but here are some examples to help you understand our point:

Say, for example, the hookup site you have chosen has chat rooms as one of its features. There are many ways that you might use this feature to your advantage. You could find a chat room for sexual advice on something you need help with or aren't sure you completely understand. You could find a local chat room that lists real-life events happening near you. You could find a chat room that specifically caters to members of the site that wish to exchange nude photos and videos or have some cam-to-cam fun online. These are all advantages that you would not have found had you not taken the time to use

Another example might be that your hookup app of choice offers to use your GPS to inform fellow online local members of your approximate location. By enabling this feature, you can find potential sexual partners with relative ease and you can pinpoint all the members with whom you could have the fastest meetups possible! By using this feature of the hookup app, you may meet people or experience things that you never would have otherwise!

Upgrade Your Hookup Site Membership

The third piece of advice we have for you is to upgrade your hookup site membership whenever you are able to Okay, let's get this out of the way first: upgrading your membership will almost always cost you some money. Most hookup sites out there offer basic or standard memberships for free and then also offer the opportunity to upgrade that membership to a higher level membership (often called a Premium or Gold membership). With these higher level memberships, comes more features, more content, and more advantageous bonuses that all give you a leg up on the competition around you that is too cheap to upgrade along your side.

As an example of one of the advantages of upgrading your membership: some hookup sites will list their upgraded members higher in the search results of other members. This is a bonus that will ensure you are seen by, and connected to, more members than you would have been before! Other hookup sites will offer upgraded members a plethora of XXX content. This is done at a much cheaper rate than that of premium pornography sites, but you still get content of the same stellar caliber!

Think of it this way: you pay for all great service, right? You pay your barber. You pay your mechanic. You pay your dentist. You pay your bartender. Spending a little bit on an online service that is helping you to find hot local hookups is no different! Oh, and by the way, every site we have listed in our directory is either FREE or cheaper than the money you would spend on a barber, mechanic, dentist, OR bartender!

Go, Go, Go!: Stop Wasting Time And Get Yourself Online!


We have taught you everything you need to know about hookup sites and now it is time for use to take off the training wheels and let you spread your own wings! Get off this page, stop reading these words, and start having the time of your life on one of these amazing hookups sites or hookup apps! As we have said before, all the hard stuff is done... all you need to do is scroll back up to our directory links, find the category that is right for you, and get on the fast-track to hookup site success! So... what are you still doing down here?! Go get started now!!

Here It Is: Our List Of The Hottest Hookup Sites On The Web!

We started out with the goal to do one thing and one thing only: to find and compile the greatest list of hookup sites online. With the directory that you will find below, we firmly believe that we have met this goal! Every site on our list has been personally tested and hand-selected by our team as one of the hottest hookup sites (or hookup apps) online. You can be confident that you will find hookup site success on any site you select from this list.

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The Hottest Hookup Sites On The Web

The world of hookup sites can seem like a vast and scary place, but with FreeHookups.com's list of the Hottest Hookup Sites On The Web, you will be fine!

The Hottest Hookup Sites On The Web