New to Canada and looking for some Canadian hookup bars to meet some singles? Look no further than our directory on exactly that! We've compiled the most comprehensive list you'll find anywhere online, detailing all of the top rated bars and hangouts to meet a date hookup and get laid while you're in the area. We not only tell you where your odds are best, we tell you all about the background of hookup bars and hookup culture in Canada. Ever wondered what the best kind of bar is to get laid here? We'll tell you!


We made sure to mention all of the most noteworthy Canadian hookup hotspots, all across the country, so you can find somewhere to go and meet new people no matter where you are. We make it even easier by breaking it down city by city, so that you know exactly where to go in each city to have a good time, and have the best odds of getting laid. You'll no longer have to guess at which places in a new town are good to go to - we've got it all covered for you, right here! The hard part is done for you, all you have to do now is make a list of which places you're going to go to next time you're in Canada.

When you're sick of apps like Tinder and you want to try meeting people face-to-face, it isn't always easy. You have to go to the right places - places where like-minded people are hanging out. When you visit the places on our directory of Canadian hookup bars, you'll know that you're visiting only places that you're most likely to go home with someone new. Not only that, but you're guaranteed to have a great time when you're at these bars, so it's win-win no matter how you look at it!


History Of Canadian Hookup Bars

This history of Canada hookup bars really begins with the history of bars in Canada in general - without a drinking establishment, there would be no hookup bar, so it goes way back in history to the very first public drinking house. It's not known exactly when or where the first pub was established in Canada, but saloons and drinking parlours of all kinds were popular hangouts for men prior to Prohibition in the 1920s, as well as during and after Prohibition! The Canadian people like to drink and mingle, and no one can stop them! Once this anti-drinking law was repealed, more and more places popped up where people could go drink, and meet people of the opposite sex.


Drinking wasn't the only thing that became increasingly popular among 1920s Canadians, there was a rise in casual sex and hookups during this time as well! It's believed that this is because of the invention and growing popularity of the newfangled automobile, and a newfound love of novel entertainment. Simply put, young Canadians wanted to have fun and they wanted it care-free! By the 1960s, hookups were commonplace among Canadian youths, so a lot of popular hangouts became Canadian hookup bars, simply because they served alcohol and facilitated hookups! This is where we can attribute the hookup bar in Canada as we know it now - a place to have a good time, have some drinks, and meet people for casual sex.

A huge number of Canadian hookup bars double as sports bars, in the past and now. Canadians love watching hockey games while they socialize, and it's a surprisingly good atmosphere to meet a potential date hookup, believe it or not! You can usually catch local, national or international sports events being aired on TVs throughout any bar in Canada. If it's not hockey season in Canada, you can still watch it played somewhere, and they sure do! Sports bars make great Canadian hookup bars, because they tend to be very casual establishments full of young people who want to have a good time. It also doesn't hurt that a number of these places are on (or near) college or university campuses.

15 Must-See Canadian Hookup Bars

When you're in Canada, no matter where you go, you'll to know the best places to visit where your odds of hooking up are highest. There are hundreds of noteworthy places across the country that could be considered some of the best Canadian hookup bars, but to keep things shorter, we're focusing on the top rated fifteen places that you have to check out while you're in the great white north. Each of these places are highly rated establishments, and are proven to be successful locations to find hookups and casual sex. Without further ago, in no special order, these are the most popular Canadian hookup bars that you can't miss out on!

Velvet Speakeasy

Montreal, QC

You can find this speakeasy style underground nightclub at 426 Rue St Gabriel. The atmosphere is super seductive and dimly lit, so it's no wonder that it's one of the best Canadian hookup bars in Quebec. This venue is unlike any other, with tunnels and stone walls lit by candlelight, and loud EDM to really set the mood. This is one place is Montreal where you're guaranteed to find a date hookup, and you'll have a great time while you look for them! It's a super busy place so line up early if you want to try scoring in this bar.


Toronto, ON

This downtown Toronto date hookup hotspot is located in the King West neighbourhood, at 461 King St. W. It's always filled with hot men and women who are dressed to the nines - this place is upscale, so you need to dress nice if you want to get lucky with anyone here. They have a huge outdoor patio, big indoor lounge, and large back room if you're in the mood for some dancing. This is one of the most popular Canadian hookup bars, so if you get there any time past 10pm, you probably won't be getting in.

Zaphod Beeblebrox

Ottawa, ON

At 27 York St. is Ottawa's premier date hookup hotspot. It's a low-key dive bar with live music from a wide variety of genres. They also host live DJ nights, dancing, and bingo nights! This hot Canadian hookup bar is always buzzing, so it's a good idea to get here early if you want to get in. This place is locally famous for being one of the guaranteed spots to find someone to take home, so definitely hit up this bar if you're in the city and looking for a place to have a great night and get laid!

The Roxy

Vancouver, BC

This 932 Granville St., club is revered in the Vancouver nightlife because of it's lively energy, good times, and status as one of the hottest Canadian hookup bars! This always bustling club features all kinds of entertainment, from live bands and DJs to weekly theme nights. This is a go-to weekend watering hole for university students, so it's full of hot young people who are looking for all kinds of fun - and you know that includes casual sex! Get here decently early to make sure you gain entry, as it's not a huge club space and it tends to be busy.

Terrasses Bonsecours

Montreal, QC

This bistro/nightclub at 364 de la Commune E. St. boats a huge outdoor terrace, a super trendy atmosphere, and one of the top spots on the highest rated Canadian hookup bars. It's a luxurious place without the pretension - the floors are laid grass sod! Wednesday night feature drink specials aimed at local university ladies, so this is a good time to check this place out and try picking up a date hookup. One of the best parts about this place is the 360° view of the St-Lawrence River, Downtown Montreal and Old Port. Come for tapas and some drinks, and stay to party well into the night!

Drake Hotel

Toronto, ON

Whatever it is you're in Toronto for, you have to check out on the absolute best Canadian hookup bars, at 1150 Queen St. W. The Drake Hotel is a famous hotspot for locals and celebrities, and it's known to be a good place for finding a date hookup or two! The vibe is very trendy and hip, with a chic lounge style to have some drinks and scope out the potential. Both Fridays and Saturdays are busy nights, so your odds of meeting new people for sexytimes are very high! They've also got a large outdoor patio space open in the summer months.

The Bimini Public House

Vancouver, BC

Located at 2010 W 4th Ave., this rustic-chic lounge bar is a go-to place for everyone in Vancouver. It's got a ton of stylish decor, a welcoming and offbeat atmosphere, and pool tables! It's a low-key place to hangout with friends, and meet some local date hookups. They serve burgers and pizza, so don't let the fancy decor fool you - it's a casual place. This is one of the locally known Canada hookup bars, so if you spend a weekend night here, chances are you'll probably get laid. Every Thursday night is bourbon and bingo night, so check it out if you're in the city!

Union 613

Ottawa, ON

The thing that makes this Southern-inspired bar at 315 Somerset St. W. one of the great Canadian hookup bars is the communal seating. This is one of the only places where striking up a conversation with the person next to you is the easiest and most natural thing in the world, so meeting a date hookup is simple! Aside from the ease of getting laid, this bar serves a number of wines, beers and cocktails, along with a Southern dishes. The vintage old-timey decor makes this place an extra fun atmosphere to have some drinks with friends.

The HiFi Club

Calgary, AB

This 219 10th Ave SW hotspot is a mix of nightclub, art gallery, and live music venue, so it's the perfect place to meet a ton of new and interesting people! This is one reason why it earns a spot as one of the top Canadian hookup bars - that, and the the place itself! It's a large, open space for dancing and mingling, and has tons of events happening throughout the year. This is the perfect party place to look for a date hookup while you're in Calgary, and the place where you're most likely to find one.

Cook Country Saloon

Edmonton, AB

Located at 8010 Gateway Blvd, Cook County Saloon is one of Edmonton's most popular bars, and one of the best Canadian hookup bars in Alberta. It's an all-country bar with a ton of events happening all the time, especially during holidays. This place always draws a crowd, so it's practically a guarantee that you'll meet a date hookup or two while you're there. It's a great party atmosphere with a friendly crowd of all kinds of country fans. Cook County Saloon was voted as one of the best bars in the city during the CMAs as well!

The Dome

Halifax, NS

This club at 1732 Argyle St. is Halifax's #1 nightclub, and one of the hottest Canadian hookup bars in the country. It's always busy well into the night, with resident and guests DJs, a large dance floor, and fully stocked bars! They have weekly events, so there's always something going on and crowds drawn in. The vibe in this place makes it easy to strike up conversation with fellow party-goers, and potentially find yourself a date hookup! This nightclub is super friendly and welcoming of all kinds of people, so it's a great place for LGBT peeps to find hookups too!

Beer Revolution

Calgary, AB

The specialty of this Oliver Square, 11736 104 Ave NW bar is beer and pizza, which are two things that everybody likes! They have a huge selection of draught beer on tap, and hand made pizza to go with it. It's the perfect place to bring a hookup date or to hang out with friends while you check out potential hookups. The vibe here is very chill and casual, which is one of the reasons it's always buzzing with locals and visitors. They're open late every night of the week, so you can enjoy good beer and pizza while you try getting laid any time!

Hermanos Restaurant & Bar

Winnipeg, MB

You can find this top notch restaurant and wine bar at 179 Bannatyne Ave, and it's worth visiting if you're in the area. Not only does it make a great place to mingle and meet new people (including potential date hookups), it has fantastic food and a variety of quality wine. Enjoy South American steaks while you chat up your date hookup, which you can do in their dining lounge or outdoor patio. The mood is basically set as soon as you walk in, so you won't have to try too hard to impress your date at this Canada date hookup hotspot.

Reflections Cabaret

Halifax, NS

Don't let the name fool you - this 5187 Salter St. location is a bustling nightclub, with DJs and more! There are ongoing events here every week, like drag and comedy shows, not to mention live DJ shows. This club is open late, so you have plenty of time to try finding someone for a good time at one of the top Canadian hookup bars. This is a popular place with locals and university students, so there are a ton of potential hookups to be had when you party here. Check out their Twitter to see what events and drinks specials are on when you visit!

The Black Dog Freehouse

Edmonton, AB

You have a ton of options when you hang out at 10425 82 Ave - you can chill out on the rooftop garden patio, or you can hang out on the lower level in the super casual lounge. This place is all class with zero fuss, with an upbeat vibe and lots of drink specials. They have bar bites to snack on while you drink. and live DJs. There's a reason this place is one of the best Canadian hookup bars, and it's not just the drinks! This bar is always bustling with all kinds of people, so you'll automatically meet lots of interesting people just by walking in the door!

Straight Woman

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City Directory Of The Best Canadian Hookup Bars

Add these Canadian hookup bars to your list of must-see places as you check off each of the country's major cities during your trip! Visit some of the highest rated and top quality bars in Canada, and get laid while you do it. We list each city's best hookup bars and hangouts, so you don't waste any time going to the wrong kinds of places. Always drink at the bars where your chances of finding hookups is highest, by scoping out the following establishments!


"Calgary is known for being an easy-going, fun-loving city. Many people actually prefer to go out and meet new people or go on dates through mutual friends rather than online dating. Calgarians like to let loose and make new friends. The best ways to take advantage of Calgary’s social scenes..."


"There is never a shortage of places to go to see an acoustic set, band or concert for that matter. Some of the best music in PEI can be found on any given night of the week. There may not be a lot of clubs to let loose, but it's..."


"For those of you who don’t know, Alberta and subsequently Edmonton, for many years had prohibition. That means no alcohol could be sold anywhere. It was beyond a huge bummer. However, in 1923, they abolished prohibition. A win for everyone involved. Except then the World War 2 broke out and..."


"Halifax is famous for it’s Maritime culture, post-secondary institutes and friendly people. If you really want to take advantage of what the Halifax nightlife and dating scene has to offer, you should try any one or many of the highly rated pubs. Numerous bars and bar-type establishments in the area..."


"That being said, most people don’t go there for clubbing or anything of the like, but there are some live entertainment venues and makeshift dance spaces. Most of the bars and restaurants in the Mile End are quite modest and are best for lower maintenance and casual dates. There are..."


"While Toronto might be the place that everyone flocks, the main city in Canada has always been (and will always be) Ottawa. It is our Nation’s capital. It’s where our Prime Ministers have called home for centuries. With this amazing title comes great responsibility to our people to host the..."


"What do you have planned? Bachelorette party, birthday party office party? Literally whatever event or occasion you can think there will be a place here that can make sure your party is the most happening spot. Take a deep breath and plunge in head first, Quebec City is Canada’s version..."


"With so many great places to go out to on any given night of the week in Regina, it's becoming easier and easier to have several hookups on the go at once. As long as you're able to juggle several at the same time, you will have all kinds of..."


"If it's date hookup spots in Saskatoon that you're looking for there are all kinds of nightclubs, bars, pubs, and restaurants that will be sure to please. All Saskatoon date spots are listed below with all pertinent information that you will need to plan your next night out. Have..."


"There are a lot of singles in St. John's who want to find a match who are looking to have some fun! With so many wonderful St. John's date hookup spots out there to find the right match for you, you're sure to have amazing success! It's easy to..."


"With the fast-paced lifestyle of the city comes the necessity to blow off some steam. With so many options for hookup bars and the largest nightlife scene in Canada, finding sexy singles seems like a no-brainer. There are numerous bars and pockets of bars teaming with singles during the evening. …"


"Single in Vancouver? Dating in Vancouver can be a bit of a challenge. Many newcomers to the city are unsure of where go for a good time. The rainy season can make the city feel a bit closed off. However, putting yourself out there and striking up conversations with people..."


"The Windsor date hookup spots will give you whatever it is that you're into, a quite intimate conversation, a space to kick back, relax and hear some good live music or a club where you can let loose and show everyone your stellar moves. It doesn't matter what your..."


"There are a few things here and there I bet you didn’t know about Manitoba or Winnipeg. Well for one, regulation of liquor came into effect in 1870. That’s a decent amount of time to drink. Like other provinces in Canada, prohibition affected the sales and distribution of liquor. Between..."

Guide To The Best Canada Date Hookup Spots

New to Canada and looking for some Canadian hookup bars to meet some singles? We made a guide to all the top Canada date hookup spots in the country!

Guide To The Best Canada Date Hookup Spots