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view summary view summary view summary view summary view summary view summary view summary view summary view summary view summary’s Most Recommended Forum Sites is one of the biggest gay forums online, with a fantastic relationship advice forum section. If you want advice in relationships, sex, coming out, or date ideas, this is where you need to come to get it! There's a huge member base, so your questions will get answered quickly, and honestly. Take part in a bunch of discussion topics and get advice at the same time! Is A Huge Gay Forum Site With A Stellar Relationship Advice Forum

  • Massive member base
  • Wide range of discussion topics
  • Quick answers has everything you need in a gay dating site. Their relationship forum is top notch, and you can meet people for dates and hookups there too! This is one of the only gay forum sites that's also a dating site, so it's everything you need all in one place! Is A Gay Dating Site With A Great Relationship Forum

  • Dating site & forum in one
  • No topic off-limits
  • Good moderators is a safe place for gay teens to go for advice and support. The site has a very active relationship advice forum, so you'll likely find answers to any and all gay sex questions you could ask! The site is moderated, and bullying is not tolerated, so this is a place you can visit and seek advice without judgement. Is A Relationship & Sex Forum Site For Gay Teens

  • Safe space for gay teens
  • A ton of discussion topics
  • Fully moderated is a leading LGBT news outlet in Australia, but it might surprise you to find out that they also boards a killer gay sex forum! This is the safest place you can visit to get honest advice, free of any and all judgements. You can also peruse the site while you're waiting for answers and get up to date on the latest current affairs! Is Australia's #1 Gay Current Affairs Site With A Top Notch Sex Forum

  • Current events & news
  • Lots of active discussions
  • Variety of topics is one the most popular gay forum sites online. There are hundreds of thousands of members, so you're guaranteed to get the answers you need when you post on this relationship forum. There are no restrictions to topics of discussion, the only rule is that you be courteous to other users and posters. Bullying of any kind is not accepted here! Is A Highly Rated Gay Relationship Advice Forum Site

  • Large variety of discussion topics
  • Hundreds of active members
  • Great moderators is the brother site to, so it's geared toward adult gay men. This is a great place for gay men to come and get advice on any number of topics, but the most popular area of the site is their sex forum. This forum has hundreds of active members, so your questions will get answered quickly! Is A Gay Forum Site With Stellar Sex Forum Message Boards

  • Large member base
  • Fast answers
  • Safe community is the go-to sex forum for gay men in Thailand. This is a site where you can meet hookups, and take part in a huge range of discussion topics, mostly focused around sex and sex advice. They also have listings of gay business, so you know where the gay-friendly establishments are while you're in Thailand. Your questions will always be answered here! Is Thailand's Premier Gay Hookup And Sex Forum Site

  • Gay hookups
  • Gay business listings
  • Tons of members is a site for gay cruising, which also happens to have a great sex forum to boot. You can trade tips and tricks with other members on the forum, and even meet up for hookups! This is one site where you can get laid and get advice all in the same place. There are tons of members too, so your odds of meeting someone are pretty great! Is A Gay Cruising Site With A Great Sex Forum

  • Hookups & advice
  • Large member base
  • Lively discussions is an online gay community where you can make friends, or find dates! They have a great relationship forum with a ton of different topics being talked about at all times, so you'll definitely find answers to the questions you've been meaning to ask! This community is a great place to go if you're need sound advice on gay topics. Is A Gay Community And Relationship Advice Forum Site

  • Large community
  • Huge range of discussion topics
  • List of gay dating sites is exactly what it sounds like - it's a forum site of gay geeks, nerds, and intellectuals. Believe it or not, the site also has a pretty great relationship advice forum, because nerds need lovin' too! The site covers a huge range of topics, so you're bound to find what you're looking for here. Is The #1 Site For Gay Geeks With A Helpful Relationship Advice Forum Section

  • All gay geeks
  • Huge range of topics
  • Thousands of members

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