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31,36, Denver

My husband and I love each other so much but sometimes we need a little something extra in the bedroom. FreeHookUps.com is the easiest and sexiest way for us to spice things up! Who knew there were so many couples in our area looking to hook up? With so many sexy couples signing up everyday, we never get bored! Plus, our relationship has never been stronger!

25, 32, Des Moines

My husband and I love to hook up with other couples, but when we moved to a new city we didn't know where to look. We signed up with FreeHookUps.com to see if it would make things easier. It was so much better than we ever imagined. We were matched up with thousands of sexy local couples looking to swing! We have had the best time of our lives!

22, 26, Fort Lauderdale

My man and I are looking for sexy hot couple to hook up with us. We are both really into role play, so if you are into that too, it would be really hot! Message us and we can talk about the details, but basically we just want to meet people who like to have a lot of fun. We are looking forward to meeting you!

26, 27, Pensacola

I was always a little more adventurous in bed than my husband, so he told me he wanted to swing with another couple, I was pretty surprised. I was pretty hesitant that we'd find two people we are both attracted to, but FreeHookUps.com has such a massive database, it would be impossible not to fins the prefect match. Now we are regular swingers and loving every minute of it!

Browse More Members

My husbands birthday was coming up and I wanted to surprise him with a kinky orgy! FreeHookUps.com made it super simple, and really quite fun! We had a spectacular night with an awesome couple and we ended up swinging regularly! Our relationship has become so much stronger because of it, it was such an unexpected surprise! You should give it a try too!

John Doe


27, Oklahoma City

My boyfriend and I love to party. We like to get wild and swing as well, but it can be hard to find a couple who is really into it. We are so lucky we found FreeHookUps.com because it made things so simple for us. We can log in anytime and find a couple who are looking to hook up right away!



22, Nashville

My man and I hit a rough patch in our sex lives and we thought maybe swinging would be something we could try. We signed up with FreeHookUps.com and meet up with a really hot couple. The experience was life changing. We have had the best sex of our lives ever since we started on this little adventure! We are so glad we did this!

Jane Doe


32, Omaha

"We love how easy and fun it is to find hot local couples on FreeHookUps.com!