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Freehookups encourages You to use the HOOKUP ASSISTANT service to enhance communications, entertainment and Your total site experience and enjoyment.

An HOOKUP ASSISTANT may be a digital actor, an avatar or a synthespian (e.g. a computer generated "person" or "character"). HOOKUP ASSISTANT may be employed by or a third party to enhance Your online experience. For example, a Hookup Assistant may provide an electronic introduction to new or existing features or functionality, or discourage inappropriate behavior.

By consenting to and accepting these Terms, You acknowledge You fully understand, accept and agree to the HOOKUP ASSISTANT service. You acknowledge that You understand that some of the profiles and Members displayed on them are not actual members of the site. HOOKUP ASSISTANT are not associated with any other user of the site, but are sent to You in an effort to promote broader enjoyment, additional activity and fuller participation in all our Services.

The HOOKUP ASSISTANT services can include the posting of information, pictures and/or communications directed to You. Such messages may take the form of any communication currently permitted on the Website.

The deployment of our HOOKUP ASSISTANT services is designed to facilitate Account development, enhance the user, Member and/or Subscribers experience, enable internal network analysis, facilitate quality control, educate and entertain users, Members and/or Subscribers, and/or ensure conformity to these Terms.

The HOOKUP ASSISTANT service is also used to provide analysis, feedback, trends, patterns, social commentary and information in the aggregate and aides in the process of monitoring our system for compliance with our operating standards.

By accepting these Terms you further acknowledge and agree that any information or pictures displayed to you via an HOOKUP ASSISTANT profile does not relate to an actual person but has been included for the above mentioned purposes.

You understand, acknowledge, and agree that any involvement or communication with our HOOKUP ASSISTANT maybe monitored to administrate conformity to these Terms. We also reserve the right to utilize HOOKUP ASSISTANT within the Website's Services now and/or in the future.

Additionally by accepting these Terms, you understand, acknowledge, and agree that, the HOOKUP ASSISTANT may contact both free Members and paid Subscribers via text based communication either within the site and/or via email notifications in order to increase activity and to monitor the compliance to these Terms.

Our HOOKUP ASSISTANT profiles are permitted to, but not obligated to, monitor the content and material added to the Website and surrounding Accounts. Any suspicious accounts that may put our members at risk will be removed without hesitation to help provide the best and safest Service possible.

If You responds to, or initiates any communications or interactions with our HOOKUP ASSISTANT You fully understand, acknowledge, and agree that any response or exchange between the HOOKUP ASSISTANT and You is solely for entertainment purposes, and will not result in an physical meeting between the HOOKUP ASSISTANT and You but is to mediate Your compliance to these Terms as well as stimulating Your activity throughout the Services.

Similarly, You appreciate and understand that any communications from the HOOKUP ASSISTANT may be sent to multiple Accounts at the same or similar time(s). Additionally You understand that You are not guaranteed a response or interaction with any of our HOOKUP ASSISTANT, nor with any other site user.

UPON COMPLETION OF AN ACCOUNT TO THE WEBSITE YOU FULLY AND TOTALLY UNDERSTAND AND ACKNOWLEDGE THAT ANY PAID SUBSCRIBER WILL HAVE THE ABILITY TO DISCONTINUE THE HOOKUP ASSISTANT AT THEIR DISCRETION. recognizes that some paid Subscribers would like to have the ability to prevent these HOOKUP ASSISTANT communications. This virtual Interaction can simply be turned off by emailing the request to our support team at [email protected].

Please note that if a Subscriber turns off the HOOKUP ASSISTANT, our support team can't comprehensively monitor all users conformity to these Terms.